Well, crap...

Terry Pratchett diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.

I hope he somehow beats the snot out of it…he’s a brilliant guy. :frowning:

Nuuuuu! ;_;

Heard about this on alt.fan.pratchett… it is bad news, but not quite as bad as it sounds; Alzheimer’s is one disease which has gotten a lot of press lately, and there are many effective treatments for it. Here’s hoping for many more years of goodness.

And just as I was starting to get into his works too.

Why does everything I get involved in shrivels up into a hollow husk of itself within four months of my getting involved? >:(

I hope he gets better and breaks this unlucky streak of mine.

The effectiveness of current Alzheimer’s treatments is variable on a lot of factors, so don’t think he’ll be ok quite yet.

I like to believe he’ll not only be ok but will also be writing jokes on it.

:too bad: You never know if he might recover, doubt it, but it might.

Ouch … that’s not good …

is not, on the whole, equipped with the vocabulary for a situation like this[/Night Watch]

This unlucky streak of yours? What next? Will some famous person get Lou Gehrig’s disease? What about Mr. Pratchett’s “luck?” That being said, I wish him all the best. I loved his books when I was in high school, and I don’t want to see him harmed. All that he can do in this situation is wait and see if the treatments are effective, unfortunately. I saw the article in the Guardian, and he seems strangely cheerful about it.

I haven’t read much by Pratchett (Aside from half of Colors of Magic), but I’m really sorry to hear this. The guy’s brilliant, and really didn’t deserve that. ;_;

I don’t think anybody “deserves” it.

Terrible news… but only Terry I’m sure can find a way to spin the web of opportunity before himself to entertain and enlighten more… or at least get some people comically tangled up in it.

I still hope for a swift recovery for him.

He said about his earlier stroke "“Since my stroke I have noticed I have full recall of the lyrics of advertising jingles from 40 years ago. Is a stroke a gateway to a world of ancient ads?”. It sucks.

Kexmex, IMO later books are far better than CoM.

[QUOTE=Kexmex, IMO later books are far better than CoM.[/QUOTE]

Agreed, I also believe you should see the live action version of The Hogfather.