"Well as it turns out, Vanessa was a fembot"

Dr. Evil’s army of insidious female robots may not take much longer to hit the market…

Japanese Developer creates female android

Granted it’s limited in its capacities, but still, anyone else think Japan should slow the hell down with its robotic development? They’ve already essentially created Starcraft Goliaths, and now this.

Eventually, it’ll take them one night to take over the world. We won’t even see it coming. We’ll just wake up one morning with Gundams flying in the air, and sailor scout soldiers patrolling the streets.

I heard about this this morning on the Stern show. It has some pretty human-like movements. It is only a matter of time before crazy nerds start marrying them.

Have we learned nothing from movies like Terminator and The Matrix? You can’t trust machines!!!

EDIT: Had to add this line.

“Machine gun jumblies? How did I miss those?!”

Holy shit. That android’s pretty freaky. If they combine this with the exoskeleton that helps you move they could have a functioning android straight out of the movies.

The elderly generation could order one made like their children that could take care of them if their real children have moved out of the country.

“The year is 2029. Machines will convince us that they are concious, that they have their own agenda worthy of our respect. They’ll embody human qualities, they’ll claim to be human. And we’ll believe them.”

Hmm. Y’know, it occurs to me they might wanna add one or two, y’know, distinguishing features so that we’d be able to say “Yep, that’s an android” for reasons other than garish unrealism. I’m thinking specifically of Persocom ears, but I suppose looking like Data would be okay, too, depending on what effect you were after …

As long as they don’t create true AI, we should be fine.

And for crying out loud, don’t let the robots build themselves!!!

Look out, Chuh!!!

I automatically thought Nessy when I read the topic title. :stuck_out_tongue:

And WOAH…a robot that actually looks more human. :open_mouth:

I saw her on MTV (I was babysitting). It blinks and responds to touch.

Also, I don’t like this idea.

Why not?

tensai-teki, ne?!


I feel so Chobit esque [nosebleeds optional].

Is that really so bad?

“Machine gun jumblies? How did I miss those?!”

:moogle: “Next time try foreplay”

Considering that I think of all organisms as nothing more than biological machines, I don’t find the idea of a human android particularly <strike>not sexy</strike> frightening.

I’ll be waiting for the maiden circuits. Then it’s Japan-time :D!

Hmmm we’re one step closer to sex bots. Real Doll should love this.

Ehhh… I really, REALLY think that we still have a ways to go before we get true AI.

I think real dolls must be creepy, though. That blank stare… and after the sex, too. Kind of disruptive.

On another note, why does Japan invent all the cool robot stuff? =(

Because our sceintest are to busy getting bitched at by the goverment for using stem cells. :moogle:

Let’s update the list:

  • Robots you can ride on with cannons & gatling guns
  • Mech Suits
  • Robot Guards
  • And now female-looking robots

Keep 'em coming.

Unless one of them gets struck by lightning!

True AI is at least 50 years away, probably closer to 100. In order to make a computer who can “live” in the real world, the only real way to teach it everything is to model a computerized brain after the human one, and subject it to all the lessons a human child would learn in years and years of experience. Trying to introduce “rules” manually (which is the way AI works now) would take decades and millions of rules just for a single computer.