Well apparently

I think it’s supposed to be funny because there’s nothing particularly sexy about French maids. Catgirls, schoolgirls, angelgirls, succubi, or any combination thereof, I can understand, but French maids are just kinda … I dunno.

Howabout catgirl angel succubi in schoolgirl outfits?

Let me know if you come up with a picture of something that’s simultaneously a succubus and convincingly an angel.

What’s the big deal? It’s just about a pen in someone’s cof-

…oh. Nevermind. >.>

Well I did misread it. But only for a second.

And Yar, your right French maids just are not sexy. Angelgirls, have got to be the best.

Excuse me, but just becuase you didn’t find it funny doesn’t mean other didn’t either. I know a few people you thought it was funny, a couple are even on this board.

Yes, succubbi and catgirls are awesome too, (why do you think I hand them out as birthday gifts?) I happen to like French maids because they’re human.

Oh and sorry for not having your ability to make almost anything funny TD.

But since he didn’t find it funny, he’s allowed to make that comment, which I heartily second.

Dude, put in another quarter - the machine got stuck. It ate your funny!

I didn’t misread it. I knew what was coming and saw where to separate the words. Besides, “penis ERRR pen is” is old.

Heh heh… penis.

Congratulations, Vic! You’ve gotten MY attention! [WHAMF WHAMF WHAMF]

You’re not. I did too… ^^;