Welcome to Stalin Land

I hope they have a roller coaster called the Gulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(!)g.

Or an Internet Cafe with C&C Red Alert. I always play as the Soviets when I play that.

Maybe there’s even a wall that you can climb that is a replica of the Berlin Wall.

Who didn’t? Kirov Airship was fucking unstoppable in groups. Maybe an apocolypse tank or two to clean up flak cannons, but aside from that, those things were flying death. The soviets were way overpowered, in my opinion =\

The allies were harder to use but better. All the soviets had was raw power, and that was only good for rushing the enemy. If the rush failed, the allies could clean up with their superior efficiency. Late game, kirovs and apocolypse tanks could be fun but they were expensive and slow, while the allies player could build a swarm of more maneuverable units. Mirage and prism tanks for example.

Now I want to visit Lithuania. Damn you!

I would rather see an internet cafe with RA, not RA2.
There’s isn’t any intro in any existing game that can bring a nostalgic tear to my eye like seeing the corridor with red flashing lights while Hell March is marching on in the background. XD

Psh, the RA2 intro is so much better, if only because its so damn corny :stuck_out_tongue: Hell, every FMV in that whole game is corny :stuck_out_tongue:

“We’re allies Alex! ALLIES! ALLIES YOU MANIAC!!!”

I am going! No matter what.
Borshch is my favorite kind of soup. You got to try po russky (the russian way) - with sour cream and a clove of garlic on a side. Yammy.

My options are: more po ruski, borshch - beetroot and cabbage soup, or Koitletai Proscaj Molodost - a pork cutlet, which, if served true Soviet style, will be 20 per cent meat and 80 per cent breadcrumbs.

Damn straight.

Concerning this article, I’d suggest taking this project with a grain of salt. When the former Soviet republics declared their independence, they saw an instantaneous, catastrophic drop in their standard of living, followed by extremely aggressive advances on the part of Western economic and political entities, such that many of these countries saw their native industries closing down and being sold off to the West. Rather than engage in rational discussion of these things, which may threaten their personal relationships with Western companies or governments, the political elite of those countries foment artificial nationalism and blame everything bad that’s ever happened on the Soviet Union.

If the nickname suggests an East European version of Mickey Mouse and friends, it is sadly misleading.

Aw damn. Color me red and call me disappointed.


Hey There, Hi There, Ho There, Come And Join The Jamboree!




They totally should go the Disneyland route. The staff of the theme park should all be walking around in giant character suits, renderings of Uncle Joe. [And there should be one strategically places so that Joe Stalin is ALWAYS WATCHING YOU no matter where in the park you are.] And they should have a gift shop that sell giant-ass mickey mouse ears-sized bushy Stalin moustaches.


It’s a small gulag after all!
It’s a small gulag after all!
Though the fences are high and we’re certain to die!
It’s a small, small Gulag!

And they could have little mini robot kids dressed in ethnic costume for every eastern bloc nation that got stuck behind the Iron Curtain. Romanians, Hungarians, Czechs, heck, even have Old-Guard Lenin-era communists and other political dissidents bound for Siberia each take a chorus. It’d be great!

And the best part would be that park goers wouldn’t be allowed to go to the rides and exhibits at their own pace, but instead would be marched along a fixed itinerary, lead around the park at bayonet point by park ushers, dressed in the old Red Army uniform.

Thank you so much. RA>RA2