Weirdest Name?

Whats the weirdest name you’ve called a FF character? For me it was Riverwind(Cid FFVII) and Rikkashay (Cait Sith). What were yours? I also called Tidus Jechtjr and named every aeon their name in Al Bhed

Normally I name the heros after myself and family members, though just to be a dork i’d sometime name them after random letters, “shedfsdhshdhss” etc.

I don’t bother, and use the default names.

Eh, I usually use their default names. Though if I’m going to play IX I’m naming Steiner (sp?) Rusty or something like that.

Sometimes I have a proper file with all the right names but I think its more fun to use different names. I called Aerith ‘amuckamor’ because I hate her and my friend called her ‘yaweehure’ for the same reason. I always call my fav female character in the game Luna, after me and my friends fav after him.

Most of the time I use the proper names. Or just use the names of me and my mates, to make them more personal.

The oddest naming I ever did was giving Cid (from 7, duh) the name Captain.
Just so he said, “People call me Captain, but the name’s Captain.” It just felt funny at the time.

I was going to call Red XIII Nanaki for that reason. ‘My cosmo canyion name is Nanaki, but you can still call me Nanaki.’ (I think thats what he said anyway)

I named the hero from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest “Buchanan.” As in, James Buchanan, America’s only bachelor President. I have NO FUCKING CLUE why. I just was playing it again recently, and saw that name. I guess it was a running joke? Fuck, I dunno.

I once named Cloud Jesus and Aeris Eiko on one file before.

I called Barret Mr.T.
I called Tidus Jedi Ball Bouncer
I called Yuffie Stealing Bard
I called Zell Punky
These were all on the 2nd playthroughs of course.

I called Steiner "Fuckwad when I played FFIX through the second time. It was funny. I called him Fuckwad because I hated him. He’s one of the most annoying Characters in FF-dom.

I like picking a theme for my character names, once I picked dictators for my FFIX characters. But, the “weirdest” have to be from Secret of Evermore, it had one of the longest character name limits I know of, I named the boy Chronodilmonotiso and the dog was Adnocanimiligat, I can only remember the spelling because I put my cartrigde in and looked at them again. I know that is not an FF, but none the less, related, or so I calculated.

I remember that I named all the characters and GFs in VIII really stupid things, and played that file a few years later, and I couldn’t tell what GFs I had equipped when I started a battle.

In one file I named all the characters in IX “You, Me, Him, Her, etc.” it was funny seeing people saying things like “It’s me, Me” and “We have to rescue Me”

lol gotta try that.