Weird problem with an N64 emulator...

I recently downloaed the Nintendo 64 emulator “1964”, and for some weird reason, I get no sound. I can’t even open the sound plugin settings. (Nothing happens when I click it.)

Does anyone know what the problem might be? It MIGHT have to do with some plugin I don’t have, but I’m not sure. (And if it is that, I have no clue where I would find it.

What sound plugin are you using? You can’t get sound unless you download a sound plugin.

The only Sound plugin is called “schibo’s Audio Plugnin 2.1 based on UltraHLE”, and I can’t change it. I tried looking to see if I could download this somewhere, but found nothing.

Well you can’t change to a new plugin until you download a new plugin. Go to Zophar’s Domain or something and download one, and put it in your plugin directory, then you can change it through the menu.

Or try a different emulator (like Project 64).

Kay, I think I’m gonna try a different emu. I just found out that 1964 plays sound for some roms, but when it does, it’s kinda warbly.

Many thanks.