Weird marrage idea

i saw this on ebay.

this is the weirdest way to get outof a wedding or the funniest prank ever.

the bids a bit high though.

No one will know you’re not me except the groom and he’ll be so pissed trying to forget his new wife’s a dog he won’t notice

I can only think that dog is some kind of england slang, otherwise that makes absolutely no sense.

Man dog isn’t that cryptic of slang. It pretty much means she’s ugly as hell.

Man, that 's hilarious, it would be fun to go to, just to get drunk at some wedding where no one knows you.


What she said.

It’s funny that three other people just happened to go on eBay and just happened to see tickets on sale for the same wedding.

Edit: Musical wedding card? Even if it is good, WTF?

now how did the 3 other people find the tickets…and how much is a pound to a dollar

A pound is about two U.S dollars. And about 3 Canadian ones. Depends on the current exchange rate.

Man, That’s so awesome.

Should I ever get married, heaven forbid, I plan to invite people I’ve pissed off in the past just to see shit like this.


Wow. Remind me to do this next time I have a social event I don’t want to go to :stuck_out_tongue: I could use the cash.

On 22-Oct-04 at 09:44:25 BST, seller added the following information:

Most of you have hit the nail on the head, you know. I still love the old dog, despite what she did to me. And, thanks to the Colchester Massiv’s “Honk if you’re Twinklydog’s Dog” campaign, she got in touch this morning and we’ve had a good chat. It’s a bit of a gamble, but I’m going to pull the auction, go to Aberdeen and see whether she’ll put a stop to this sham of a wedding and marry me instead. Hope you understand. The cab’s outside, I’ve got to go.

What a nice twist of an ending. Or something. Funny!