Weiila’s Birthday

Happy birthday to the Alpha-Female of the RPGC Staff, the Queen of fanfiction,

and the best Swedish singer to grace international stage since ABBA. :wink:

Happy birthday, Weiila. Many happy returns.

Happy birthday WAY-LA! Is that how you say it? Cause that’s how I say it.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Weiila!!!

Many cakes to you! :slight_smile:

Happy b-day, Weila! :smiley: I might not know you very well, but I still say congrats on advancing another year in this hell we call life. :slight_smile:

Happeh Birfday :3

Thanks guys! I’m at my parents’ place right now and I’ve had lots of cake :slight_smile: You’re the best!

And Hades, yup, that’s how I pronounce it too. The extra i is just to confuse people.

Happy birthday, Weiila. May your next year of existence be meaningful and well-lived.


Happy birthday, you kinky kinky woman you. :slight_smile:

Make time to hop on AIM now and then, goshdangit!

Happy birthday and keep on writin’!

She’s The Dancing Queen, OH YEAH! ♪

A-hem Happy Birthdays, Weii! (And yes, I pronounce the double i. Just for the fun of it. :wink: )


Happy birthday girl, you keep on writing stories and kicking ass.


Happy birthday! In honor of this occasion (wishing happy birthday on said date of birth is unfortunately a rare tendecy on my part) I offer you a salute from my Wii! :wave:

Happy birthday. Give us more singing.

Happy Birthday. Enjoy the cake :slight_smile:


I always pronounced it WI-EE-LA. That’s going to throw me off for at least the next couple years now. goes down entire page seeing if there are any other mispronouncable names

PS. Hope your birthday was fun and enjoyable. Good luck in all of your endevours for the following year

Happy birthday, W! Keep on slaving on the fics.

(ok, belated, but I’m faar away from home)

Happy belated birthday, Weiila.