Weiila has a baby!

Scared you, huh? XD

I do not have a crotch dumpling, no, no. But what I do have is a teeny little laptop. It says Eee on it which I know is the brand, but it’s also what you’re supposed to say when you see it for the first time, I believe. It’s a, lesse… model 1005AH if that means anything to anybody.

After thinking about it for a few years, I figured that with the life I’m living right now (commuting for about three hours a day at least three days a week to get to my new university), I felt that the time was ripe. Especially if I’m ever going to get any homework done.

Yeah, the only reason I made this topic was because of that title.

…That was an evil, evil plot.
Congrats, I…guess?

Also… crotch dumpling? O_o

Yeah I froze when I saw this on the front page of the forums too.

I love the term crotch dumpling.

Yeah, same deal.

I’m trying real hard to come up with a pun involving “crotch” and “overheating” now, but my lack of creativity has spared you.

My eyes bulged a bit before I sensed something was up. Of course people around here have been droppin’ a number of babies lately.

That said, you should probably avoid placing your new hotness near your nether regions in case someone tries to send you an E-male or two. :smug:

Fake Edit: God was that an awful pun.

My first reaction was disbelief. I haven’t heard crotch dumpling before. If you do have one, make its name with the initials C.D.

Now I’m hungry…

Crotch dumpling is an awesome name for them. Congratulations on your successful spreading of the term.

Also I really should get a new laptop, as this one is dying.

I recently got a new computer as well. I love the feeling. Thank you for adding crotch dumpling to my ever expanding vocabulary.


I’ve a little tiny laptop too! It’s a Fujitsu Siemens P7120! It’s old!

It must be a pretty small laptop if it dropped out of your crotch.

Initial impression: “Holy Shit! WTF?!”

Also, crotch dumpling is an awesome word I’ll have to start using. I just recently got a new laptop (after lots of talking/haggling/cussing). However, it’s a beast with a nice 17’’ screen and in HD quality (so friggin cool… 0_0). The backlight control on my old one broke, and it was pretty old to begin with.

Weiila, you are a bitch. But you are forgiven for “crotch dumpling”.

Anyway. Yay laptops!

Crotch dumpling is my new favorite phrase. :smiley:

Tiny lil’ computers are awesome…my ipod touch comes in handy for checking email, surfing the web, etc. without having to lug my bigass laptop PC around.

Funny how everyone seems to love “crotch dumpling” - add one more to that list!

I’m so glad you like your little laptop - I just got a laptop for myself (not a mini one though), and I love love love it. :smiley:

Dammit, Weii, you almost gave me a heart attack! :hahaha;

I also envy you SO much right now. But anyway, congratulations on the “kid” and hope it proves useful! :wink:

Weiila, that is actually the exact brand that I wanted. But I went with the acer as it had a tiny more bang for my buck but not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the EEE.

I’m going to use that word at work tomorrow…

I work in a restaurant.

I’m eagerly awaiting tomorrow.

Ah, every new parent should be told this. Good one, Wilf.

I love the smell of shock in the morning :smiley: Your reactions to that lil’ prank were just faaab, peeps. I feel luved :3

Yeah, crotch dumpling is indeed a very awesome phrase, though I believe it originates from the rabid child-free community (ie. grown men and women who write rants of frothing rage about how they went to the zoo and OMG there were horrible KIDS everywhere!). Still an awesome term.

Killmore: Puns like that deserve beheading by the kneecaps.