Weeee! I'm watching new animes!

Ok, time to talk about them! For…no reason!

Nurse Witch Komugi:

I don’t usually find a Magical Girl anime that feels like…anime. Usually it’s so overused it feels like it has its own special catagory. This one at least had original things in it. Have you ever seen a Nurse Witch Bunny Girl that instead of TRYING to become famous because she already is? No. Plus…it makes fun of Power Rangers! YEAH! XD And…it has bunny, and catgirls!

Magical Play:

Cute idoitic oblivious powerful fish girl, sexy (To boys) cat wearing devious good at acting catish girl, detirmined annoying funny cute bunny girl, a guy named Zuccini who bangs his head to death, and a bunch of other cool stuff! What more could you ask for?

Bombs. Heh, heh. Give me bombs, dynamites, big explosions.

That’s a new one O_o

Not if you’ve watched Slayers Try.

Ah, I’d forgotten about that.

WOW kiro you should be soo PROUD!!! :D:D:D wanna cookie?:D:D:D

Gimme tah cookie!

to late burp i ate it…muahahahaha no cookie for you

Or Sailor Moon. But it was a Fish-man in that one, despite the rather effeminate looks and that nice voice… :kissy:

What? Don’t look at me like that!


How can you say magical girl anime doesnt feel like anime? b/t that and the mech genre are practically the mascots of anime.

Anyway, I saw nurse witch komugi… I wish I hadnt. It’s just too bizarre even for me. Even Puni Puni makes more sense then that.

I second Cid’s Slayers recommendation. thats some good stuff there.

I don’t know…I don’t think that was an accurate discription…it’s more of an embarressing feeling…

I never understood that, the other two were obviously men but the fish one had boobs.

Yeah, Magical Girl anime is a guilty pleasure, that your better off not sharing with other people. Sailormoon is the only exception cos there is actual story (and a damn good one at that). Magical Girl anime now is just an excuse to watch cutesy pretty little girls transform into slutty…cutsey…little girls. Not much a plot around it.

My problem with Sailor Moon is that in one series…there were guys who transformed into warrior people…and when they did they had boobs…

i sorta just got lost in the whole story so i gave up on watching it, hey its been a long time since i watched it. i was young but even though ,i dont have intentions to see where i stopped. but it was an ok show…, for 10 year olds :stuck_out_tongue:

They were girls to begin with. They dressed up as guys as their disguise.

You mean the trasvestite boy-band?


that’s them

Ewwwwww…Serena (Or Usagi) is a lesbian!