I was Ctrl-Alt-Deleting out of a program when I happened to click on “Processes” and notice some unknown programs running.

Can anyone tell me what these are, and if I should delete them?

Spyyyyy waaaaaaaaaaare.

Shoot to kill.

Okay, I stopped the process, but I can’t seem to delete the files. I get an “acess denied” error.

Check your Add/Remove Software in Control Panel. I had those once and they were there.

Ada-ware and Spybot would probably help clean them up too. During my co-op here at college, I can’t tell how many times I’ve had to emphasize regular spyware clean-up.

That worked. Thanks. I should probobly get a firewall.

And I’ve run both a few times, and while they do seem to work quite well, they missed this one completed.

Its spyware. Run adaware. edit: nm

Try Command Prompt, it usually has the ability to take care of anything. Funny that way. I mean, I’m absolutely clueless, and this probably won’t work, but I’ve had plenty of times where command prompt had a certain layer of override.

I had it. I had to uninstall it, run adaware, restart, and then run it again.

Ugh, that shit annoyed me to no ends. I couldn’t even uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs. Gave me a “MAIN could not be found” or somesuch.

Yeah, when you’re trying to get rid of that shit, try running HijackThis. It’ll find questionable items in your registry that you can then remove. It’ll also detect a lot of benign stuff (like, if your homepage in Internet Explorer isn’t set to the default value, it’ll find that), but you can ask around on various tech support message boards and the like to help you distinguish that from something that really shouldn’t be there. That way you can clean up malicious DLLs, programs that try to reinstall the spyware after you remove it, spyware that is set to execute when your computer boots up, and other shit like that.

I seemed to be able to remove it via Control Panel, but all the same, I’d like to try HijackThis. Link, please?

Well… I had that too…
I did something dangerous. I used RegEdit to kill it, because SpyBot just wouldn’t get rid of it…
But RegEdit isn’t recomended since if you fuck up, you fuck up very bad…

Another one that I would suggest is SpywareGuard. It’s kinda like firewalls vs. spyware. Made by the same group that makes SpywareBlaster. So go look it up.