Weapon Pics - FFX

Would anyone happen to know where I might be able to find some pics of Tidus’ weapons?

Google Image search

I just tried google, all I could find where the models of his BrotherHood/Icebrand/Liquid Steel, LongSword/Hunters Sword/Baroque Sword, and his Elemental Swords. I tried entering the sword names, and then ‘tidus swords’ whichonly turned up 3 pages.

I’m still looking for the models of his Bad-Status Swords, the Avenger, and his Sonic Sword.

The BradyGames guide has pictures of every type of weapon for every character. I would scan the pictures for you, but my scanner isn’t working with my computer.

Thanks, Dalton, hey just wondering do you use the same username on the GameFAQs boards?

Anyways I’ll see about picking up that guide at borders sometime.

I do, and I’ve seen you there too. You were on the Wild Arms 2 or 3 board, right? Or the Star Ocean 3 one?

I must’ve been Wild Arms 2, I dont own 3 yet. I can’t find it in town anymore, I could when I didnt have a ps2, but now that I have one cant find it. Guess I’ll just have to use ebay. I also haven’t picked up SO3 yet, I want to wait til the price drops a lil. But I have SO2, I think I visited the SO2 board a while back.