We used to ...

make fun of Ms Afghanistan in the old days; DN or BN or both would have this pic of a horrific, hairy woman that makes my sister look like a beauty queen (and I make a better woman than my sister without shaving my legs).

We are no longer entitled to make such jokes. Hot. Damn.


More power to her. (and yes, she’s very attractive)

Edit: Standing up for what she believes in makes her the most attractive, imo. I assume she’ll be getting alot of flak from her community, if not from her family.

Mmmm She’s alright. Not the most attractive, methinks, but attractive nonetheless.

I was wondering what the deal was with those ninja suits the women wear.

And yeah, she cute. :hahaha;

Yeah, she’s all right. Not bad for the first woman I’ve seen this moring :mwahaha: .

Wow, she’s pretty cute ^^

Originally posted by Steve
Wow, she’s pretty cute ^^

Nice confident look but she seems freakishly skinny. Oh well.

That’s very nice improvement over the old Ms. Afghanistan picture you had Sin. twitch

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(and I make a better woman than my sister without shaving my legs).

You can be Ms. France! :smiley:

Yeah, she looks kinda nice …

It’s a shame I won’t be able to join in the festival that was making fun of Ms. Afghanistan. Oh well, I do agree that she is attractive.

I must say, she is quite attractive.

She’s too thin, people who are that thin aren’t attractive.

Someone should make an animated show called Mr. Bishie. I’d have recorded that.

Psh. I miss the good old days I wasn’t a part of.

She’s a bit too skinny, but she’s still quite good-looking.

Too skinny! I need to get you guys some pics of the girls who prance around my school. :stuck_out_tongue: At least she has some muscles. The girls I see are twigs.

edit: and demigod, I did notice the significance… and I assume others did too… hopefully. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking more closely at the picture, I realized how thin she actually is. I find it interesting that you all focus more on the physical appearance of the contestant than the significance of her participation.

Wait, no I don’t. Ah well.

Go her and her bad-style. I am really glad she’s showing off her cajones…

(though I do agree that she’s so thin she looks breakable)

Whoa, she really <i>is</i> freakin’ thin. I didn’t look closely at her before o.o;;