We love Katamari

I bought Katamari Damacy about a week ago, and I enjoy it greatly. I’ve always wanted one of the katamari games, but I never gave it much consideration. I saw KD for 15$ preowned, and though sure, I got bux to blow. I haven’t completed it (I lent it to a friend), but got to Make a Star 6, and I am hooked.

I understand that WLK is the sequel to the first, and I’m thinking of getting it. It’s about 25-30$ preowned, so it’s pretty inexpensive. I played a demo where it was me and a friend co-op on one katamari and it was quite an experience.

But does this bring anything new? i noticed that the booklet for KD said there’s only like 2 areas (house & world), and wondering if WLK expands on that. I’d love to buy it just because it completes a collection (I realize there is another, but I haven’t a PSP), but if all it is, is more rolling instead of actual difference, I might be opposed to it.

I apologize for my typing, this is a pressure sensitive keyboard.

Well, it’s mostly rolling. There are a few changes - you can roll the katamari up vertical walls a short distance now, for one. Otherwise, there are new types of missions based around rolling things up. You still have the basic “get X big in X time,” “collect the same type of object,” and so on, but you have stages with a burning katmari (have to continually get new stuff to keep the fire going), a “fast” katamari (you roll constantly and quickly), new environments (underwater, for one), and a few other things. There are more small-scale environments - bedroom, a schooll, a racetrack, pond, campground, and more - but they’re all of course set in a larger world that you get to roll up sooner or later.

It’s a fine buy if you just want to enjoy more rolling. It has enough variety that you don’t feel you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

I’m fairly certain the vertical rolling was in the original too.

I love the idea of a burning katamari. That enough is incentive to get it. I guess once October is over (FFXII and GH bought), I’ll pick a copy up.

edit; there is vertical rolling, but only a short distance. I mean short distance. This is used to get up small ledges.

Katamari is so weird o_o. From what I hear if you like katamari 1 , you’ll like the 2nd. Its more of the same. RPT seems to know more about it though.

What they said. We <3 Katamari does not innovate much, but it doesn’t need to. It’s a lot more of the stuff that made Katamary Damacy loveable.

The soundtrack of We <3 Katamari is inferior to the original, and there’s a lot of gimmick stages which can be fun but can also be an exercise in TERROR (read: catch bears). Also, there’s no Eternal Stages to unlock, which sucks.

The ending is really cool, though. And it has co-op.