"We" have an announcement...

I have a boyfriend and he means a lot to me… he’s helped me through a lot here lately. We’re a little worried about telling you guys though. ^_^;; Oh well… But, we’ve been going out for over a week and we feel comfortable (sort of) of telling you now…

he is… Orakio.


Tell you what…
I’m not suprised =P

Ok, first. dies of shock, but Kefka brings him back

Second, congrats!

is waiting for Sorc to come and say online relationships are crap and on how above two people shouldn’t do it because of various reasons

Really, he will.

Anyway, if you’re happy being in an online relationship, and it isn’t cutting you from the outside world, then more power to you. Seriously, I don’t get people who say that personality is what really counts, and then do a 180 on that statement when it comes to online relationships.

nods What she says is true… we’ve been talking to each other for quite some time, and when I broke up with my first gf, she was the only one there who’d help lift my spirits. She means the world to me, no matter what anybody else may say or think. We just felt like we had to announce this before it slips.

Congratulations you two :slight_smile:


Whoa. Well … I sure didn’t expect THAT.

Unless people like to hit on her, how would we seriously care? It’s fun to know and congrats to you both, but I don’t think it’s gonna affect anything much in RPGC’s whole life.

Like I said, congrats, and I hope you guys’ll be happy, because running an online relationship is NOT easy.

Good for you two. :slight_smile: gives Orak and CC cookies

Congratulations, and best of luck.

<center><img src=“http://www.greatideagear.com/patentpro-screenshots/pictures/patentpro.congratulations.jpg”></center>

Man, TD, that image sucked.

I think TD did what CC did… Post something most of us don’t care about.
Edit: yeah, I said I was gonna be nicer, but I also said I wouldn’t lie.

Obvious lack of humor from TD.

Well, I would like to say I’m happy for you both, and I AM, but, there are some realities to consider:

First of all, Online relationships don’t often work. Distance IS a factor that matters, folks.

Second, there’s a bit of an age difference here, no? Actually, I’m more worried about your maturity than your physical age. CC herself has admitted (when she first joined) that she isn’t very mature.

Also, is this the moment to start a relationship, with the problems CC has been having?

I hope you understand that I care about you both, I just don’t want you later to be disappointed.

IF, on the other hand, you’re conscious that this is not like a real relationship, and you’re doing it more because you both feel like you need someone to be close to during hard periods in your lives, then more power to you both.

Who knows, it might even actually work. Stranger things have happened.

Whatever happens, best wishes to you both.

Now that’s all just mean. (not you WM)

:mwahaha: : I know. I LOVE IT!!!

That’s beautiful, Christie and Orakio! You know, that’s one of the most beautiful things to base a relationship on; helping one another and always being there for each other. 8) I wish you the absolute best.

Wilf : Way to cut and paste the two posts I made and to tell us things they should already know if they’re in an online relationship.