WC3: I suddenly can't host?!

I’m not sure if this would be better here or in Tech Support. If I’m wrong, please move this.

I’m on a network behind a Netgear router. I used to not be able to host games, but then someone told me how to “port forward” so that I could do so.

A few days ago, we had to unhook my computer so that my floors could be sanded. When I hooked it back up, I could no longer host. I checked my router settings, and everything seemed to still be in order. Ports 6112-6119 open at Server IP

I have no idea whatsoever what could be wrong. Please help.

Is your IP address on your machine assigned by the router’s DHCP server? If so, check that your IP address didn’t get changed.

Um…I hate to ask, but how would I go about finding that out?

Older versions of windows: start -> run -> winipcfg, find your network card in the menu there and it tells you the ip address.

Newer versions of windows: get a command prompt (start -> run -> command) and use the ipconfig command.

You said your router is forwarding to If that isn’t your computer’s ip address, it explains the problem. The ports need to be forwarded to your computer’s address.

It works! Thank you very much.