Heya all :slight_smile: Comin ooover from the RP section just to let all you others know toooo click on my Sig’s link! Its free and fun. Tank yoo.


Welcome Edenna, nice to be formally introduced to you. Hope to get to RP with you some time. Check the other boards, too. And don’t take anything said here too seriously. We’re kinda wacky. :wink:

Hi, welcome!

Whatever you do, don’t feed the animals.


But why is it fun?

Yes! The RP forum is a dark and mysterious place, and I have come to spread that darkness! Bwahaha! No. :wink: Sooo many of your faces, I have not seen. Its almost like being on this board for nearly a year meant little lol.

Ohh, I know about that wackiness :wink: Its one of the reasons I came . . . its a laidback board.

Hm . . . not even the cute and fluffy ones, Kex? Well, I suppose those are the worst . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, a year? I’m surprised nothing else caught your eye, the RP forum is perhaps the slowest of the forums here that have any activity at all.

I don’t know, in the last couple months or so, they’ve been counting for a large percentage of the posts when I hit “New Posts.”

Perhaps, but I’m a writer . . . I look at these forums everyonce in a while, however.
Besides, the roleplaying forums have been quite active ever since I joined, I’m happy, while there IS little experiences . . . it can be fun.