*waves Swedish flag* I canNOT believe this...

So last night, our goverment decided to revive a national spy agency from the Cold War era. Their new objective? Listen to phone conversations and to read e-mails, sms’es and other messages people send over the internet to other countries. They don’t have the ability to read everything, but will apparently use their own search enigine to catch “suspicious” phrases. Anything I, Wertigon (if he comes back) and Kexmex says here and in PMs could legally be read.

Oh dear, I better stop writing fanfics, there are lots of suspicious words and phrases in those.

It feels SO great to know that my freedom and security is being protected, especially since Sweden is so totally being barraged with terrorist threats. /sarcasm


My only comfort is that judging by polls, the current goverment group of parties (which we honest to God call “the Alliance” officially) is going out on its ass in the next election. The main leadership party of many years until the last election, it has more support than the entire Alliance in total.

Ah, after Lothar died the Alliance went to hell in a handbasket. Now, lady, you’d better explain what’s with the shirtless orc and why don’t you support the Alliance like a good patriot. You know the orcs have been repeatedly caught being doped by demon blood, no?

Do Swedish WC players affectionately call the leader of the Swedish Socialists Cho’gall?

edit: But the important question relevant to this matter is, will a new gov roll it back?

Bah, Cho’gall was an ogre, and one loyal to Gul’dan at that.
Although the similarities are striking… I think you might be on to something.

Sounds like you might want to start using https://agora.rpgclassics.com, move to Norway where we have Datatilsynet, and use XMPP instead of MSN. *Nod.

Hopefully it’ll be overturned.

Weiila … I totally feel for you, but I feel compelled to mention that a paragraph and a half, plus another sentence, do not constitute tl;dr. :wink:

Welcome to America, patriot! :smiley:

If you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to fear.

That hasn’t got anything to do with it, it’s the principle of the matter. It’s not as if criminals won’t find a way around this in five minutes, while us regulat folks better chose our words carefully not to have our jokes misunderstood. I mean, I write a whole lot of stories where I bet some phrases could show up on those search engines these people will be using.

Rig: I ADMIT TO NOTHING! And in the words of our last prime minister (that would be Cho’gall, Poke? XDD); “You must have misunderstood what I said.”


Sad to hear that even Sweden is moving towards Fascism. The German parliament passed a similar law last week, effectually creating a German FBI. This would have been unthinkable 10 years ago.

Well, I know New England hasn’t had a championship season in years, but do you really think stealing a nuclear battle tank is going to help?

Hey, welcome to being an American.

I woke up this morning to the radio news saying that Mona Sahlin, leader of the Social Democrat party, has promised to tear this thing to shreds if (the rest of us say “when”, because her party alone has more support right now than the entire government - and there are alliances with other parties on both sides, which add up more votes) her party wins the next election.


Aren’t I glad that I live in Holland. I can watch all the illegal porn I want.

I mean… Download music. Download all the music I want.

It brought me vast amounts of joy that the one game they decided to lose last year was the superbowl. Hahaha!

I don’t even like football, but that’s some epic failure!

You might have missed the bit where the CDA and PvdA want to crack down on horse porn and general zoophilia.



I guess that means I should remove that Wild Stables torrent.

Really? I always felt all he could say was “It’s my fault”.

ALSO IN THIS POST: And yes, what the hell. :bowser: But I’ll be voting for the Social Democrats next election and hope for the best.

Oh bloody heck. Apparently, the French Government is planning on something similar, except that they’ll use Trojans to see into computers. I’ll try to find an English article on the subject.

Before you know it, there will be a giant super computer to decode all of your emails’ security in minutes. It will, of course, eventually explode due to a fluctuating algorythm that is actually a virus.
…or maybe that was the US.
…or a Dan Brown novel.