I got bored enough to come back here :stuck_out_tongue:

Just thought I would say hello and that I may be active a little bit more then I have in oh, two years.

I know this is very exciting news, so be sure to keep calm and remember where the emergency exits are.


You must’ve been terribly, terribly bored. 'Ello.

I remember seeing your avatar from when I read through all the members here!

tits or gtfo

Hey Alyx! Welcome back!

I can blow even lower!

…hi. :slight_smile:

So Trill where have you been keeping Alyx?

Also, hello.

Hi there! I’m Helios… chances are, we haven’t met. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway It’s nice to meet you and have you back again! :slight_smile:

Nice to see you again, Alyx.

I remember your sig too- I bet cat lovers either love it or hate you for it. :smiley: (I’m kinda meh on felines, but my best friend’s family? They have SEVEN cats, and that was after they gave away the rest. O.O )

We have 10 currently. I think we almost qualify for crazy cat lady levels.

Hi Alyx. How are you?

I miss having cats :confused: Had to give mine away years ago 'cause one of my relatives was allergic.

Oh, and hi person I barely remember :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what allergy meds are for. =p

Frankly, I haven’t been on much lately.

Well, that and a lung disease, and an eaten pet bird, and some scratching damage to the walls, lol.

They’d’ve been very old now anyway, if they’re still alive.

Edit: These pics are like 10 years old, but~


and Sheba

Hm…I was terribly bored. Nul I do plan to one day make a website with the space you gave me. I was plotting with Trill once upon a time >.>;;; I’m a horrible person.

Trill keeping me locked in her basement making pron for her needs. She is very hard to satisfy. I have pics to prove this, but I want to know what I am getting.

Also I have over 10 cats. Whoever can guess the exact number aside from Trilly will win my admiration and uh… a smiley face!

I remember most of you :3

Some of you I do not. It’s been a long time since I’ve logged in…like over a year. I mostly hijacked trills IRC and spammed on it to make her look like a noob.

I’ll guess 13 cats, whom all your bases are belong to them.

I was gonna say 13 you sonofabitch! I guess I will have to settle for 12.

You both are wrong!

Alright fine, but I know it is a trick question. One of the cats has two heads.