Man, I can’t believe I forgot about this place. Put an old tower back together and found it still had a formatted HD in it, found an RPGC link on the desktop, and got this weird feeling of nostalgia.

What’s even weirder is, as I’m typing this, I’m searching for my old posts, and it’s exactly 1 year to the day, shy of 20 minutes, since I’ve posted here :open_mouth:

(Nobody ever leaves…)

Your almost exact one yearness only proves the power of gravity which RPGC produces.
She won’t let you go. She won’t let anyone go.

Great to see ya, dood. Old faces are always fun to see pop back up.

Hoooooooooly shit, sup dude. How’s life been treating you?

It’s been shitting on me recently but things are picking up. Just finished second year exams, and my dad just got a nice job offer that’ll really help out when my little sister goes away to university next september.

Holy crap it’s you. Hi.

you aren’t dead/banned?

I mean, hi.

Aren’t you that really annoying guy from ontario who was akin to Hades? I remember someone with an ‘X’ name was… but regardless,
Hi again. :o


Oh come on, I was nowhere near Hades level! Well… maybe a bit…

Apparently I’m not. Either you screwed up, or your assassins did!

edit: Oh and to speed things up, can someone make a quick list of the people from a year ago that we knew were guys, but were pretending to be girls, and then finally admitted “hey dudes, I’m a dude”?

Lets see, Setz, TD, Nightmare

Cala revealed to us that she actually IS a girl

I think you’re still on my MSN list.

I don’t recognize you. :frowning: But welcome back regardless.

I remember you! You used to have a dragon avatar, didn’t you? One of those dragon bosses of a SNES FF game.

Mister Xelopherson, welcome back, we missed you. B)

sup Xelo

Why must you turn my office into a house of lies?

FFX Shrine. Do it. NOW.

I had time issues back in high school man, I’m not even going to attempt something like that now. Between summer job and a few summer courses, I barely have time to play Guitar Hero!

It was a joke, silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I remember you, welcome back! :smiley:

I have vague recollections of you.

But 984 is still win. :frowning: