wav searcher

Okay! Maybe someone can help me find a Simpsons sound to let me laugh… and shar ethe joy of finding something… for someone else. Anyways…


McBain:Don’t… talk… CRAZY!
?:Whatever you do McBain… get… Mendoza… dies
Mcbain: MENDOZA!!!

(Something like that)

Do you know what the episode was called? That would help.

And you might wanna disable smileys in that post…

The episode is called ‘Saturdays of Thunder’, from Season 5. Found it after a few seconds by typing Simpsons and Mendoza into a browser.

Actually, here ya go Merc: http://www.kidmoe.com/mcbain/sounds.htm

Oh, X… I didn’t seperate the : and some letter on my part. And thanks Curtis!

i don’t know where to find .wav files, but this is a site with all the simpsons quotes you could ever want.

Don’t thank me, all the links are broken on the page I gave you. :\

:thud: Guhhh… I just found that out, and sending an e-mail didn’t help either, the e-mail wasn’t valid anymore.