Let’s laminate ourselves from inside out so that we’ll live FOREVER! :smiley:

I heard that if you say bloody mary three times into a mirror she will appear and kill you! Can anyone confirm…I’m too scared to try.

i did that once in the bathroom, and the only person who came was the janitor who told me to get out since he needed to clean the toilets.

So That’s how they Blew up a loo trying to prove murder in CSI.

Shakepeare moment.
“I found a used Condom…”

I did that before.

Also, you are an ass.

I’m also told that at extreme depths in the ocean the pressure is so great that the water does not freeze, even if it cools below the specific heat of fusion (God, is that the term? I barely remember). The water molecules literally can’t get far enough apart to form the molecular struture of ice.

And the salt content of ocean water helps too, I’m sure.

And Kraken would know since he lives in the extreme depths of the ocean.

Fo sheezy

You are right, Kraken.

Salt helps because chloride and sodium ions also help pullig water molecules together. However, this is due to electrical charges, not pressure due to weight.

And also, there is an hypothesis that giant skids die at temperatures warmer than 5 C (about 41 F) because some of their proteins degrade at this temperature. Those would be proteins they use to breath, so they would die suffocated. Well, it’s that, or something close to that.

Oh, and Sin and Setz: http://www.big-boys.com/articles/dryicebomb.html

That. Is fucking. AWESOME.

Giant skids?



Oh, squeeds. I get it now.

Thats because you did it wronge. You have to do it at 12:00 pm with all the lights off in the house in front of a mirror.

:moogle: FYI you can call more than bloody mary. matter of fact you can call any spirit just as long as you say the decease full name 3 times. Be warned though no matter who you call there gonna be really pissed at you for calling them at such a late hour. worse case scenario the ghost kills you. If your lucky it just haunts your house for a little while.