Water balloons in space!

Ever wondered what would happen if you popped one while up there? Well, using hard-earned tax dollars, they found out and posted the results!



Now all the questions are finally answered. It’s good to see taxes being used the RIGHT way! Hmm when are they going to address the effects of farting on low gravity environments :thinking: that’s all we miss for complete understanding of the universe

Hmm definately answers a lot of questions.

Thats cool.

I second that.

So, water balloon fights in space are a nogo?

I think the laws of gravity would somehow prevent that.

Now that is just plain nifty.

Now supposing you inserted, say, a goldfish into that blob of water… Would it know not to swim out the side?

Or rather, the lack of laws?

or rather, the lack of gravity? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sorry but I thought that said Ever wondered what would happen if you pooped one while up there? and I almost laughed out loud. On another note, someone else has VP as a fav rpg other than me! Well I have no further use for this thread.

That would be a mean prank. You go into the room someone is in and you take a huge crap.

We should pump all the water in the oceans into water balloons and shoot them into space so I can drive to the US. By car.
That is all.

actually, it’s rather interesting… physics at work.