Watch out for low-flying asteroids!

Today’s the Anniversary of the TUNGUSKA IMPACT EVENT!


Damn, but aren’t we lucky that whatever that was, it hit SIBERIA and not a heavily populated area?

In related news, a NASA probe will strike a comet on July Four, to find out what comets are made of, and possibly causing it to increase in brightness (talk about fireworks!) We’ll see!

This is interesting. We might discover so many new things about comets with this mission. These are not just "dirty snowballs”. I wonder why NASA would name the probe Deep Impact. Remember “Deep Impact”, the 1998 sci-fi movie about a doomsday comet? Bad karma.
It looks like shooting at Tempel 1, could prepare us for future, potentially dangerous, encounters.

Wow, that’s a pretty cool phenomenon. Hate to be caught in one, though.

Oh yes, impending doom is mega cool.

Do you mean by that:
A) That the “comet” was the cause of ‘impending doom’/
B) That you are taking the side of the UFO aficianados?


Should be interesting. As long as the probe doesn’t knock the comet into us, but I’m sure they would have done all the necessary calculations, to mke sure this works right.

I hope.

Oh yeah… I read about that in Astronomy (I misread the course name. Though it was Astrology.) Didn’t it go through the Earth?

HS: I really doubt something like the Nasa probe has the mass or power to knock a comet off its orbit. By that same token, though, I fear the impact won’t really make the comet brighter (by scattering more of its dust). We’ll see on Monday.

Ryoto: If you mean about the Tunguska Object being a microscopic Black Hole, no, that theory has been disproven. Read the article link, it’s really interesting.

I’m sure, Wil, that people were having fun when they were talking about the comet killing us all, otherwise we’d be running around like chooks with their heads cut off, yelling at NASA to stop… but then again, we could all be stoned and laughing at out doom, and not even know about it…
But thankyou for your concern!