Watch out Canada...

…there’s a pacific separatist coming your way!

(yes, this is just to satisfy all of you anti-separatists out there, that way, if he stops near you, you can throw things at him or something)

Oh no!

I always wondered what the hell a separatist is doing in the federal government. It seems contradictory.

Well, Sin, the Bloc Quebecois is a Federal Party that only the Quebecois can vote for. Since it only has ridings in Quebec and you have to live in the riding to vote for it. It’s been a seperatist party pretty much since it’s conception, it was created to give the Quebecois a voice in the government. Why the Feds allowed this, I don’t know.

Yeah, I know that info. Its really retarded if you ask me.

It is. Very much so. When they first announced their seperation from Canada we said, “Go ahead.” Then they come back and say, “We don’t want to be a part of your country, but we want to continue using your infrastucture, Medicare, and other nice things.” We laughed at them so hard we didn’t have enough breath to tell them to screw off.

I’m running away FOREVER! I mean it this time, you’ll miss me when I’m gone! :frowning:

I don’t even live in Canada…but this guy sounds like an ignoramous

He’s not dumb, he’s just Quebecois. They think differently then others. They’ve been playing the victim card since they were conquered by the English. They’re afraid that English speaking Canada will eventually rub Quebec’s culture out. So they lash out, act stupid and expect hand outs from the Government.

As a french-canadian, I’ll have you watch what you say Jango. There’s a difference between separatist jack-offs like him and people like myself and Zero.

I’m not even Québécois, still french-candian… and I do take offense =/ And only a small percentage of québécois are bad people, most are decent people.

I don’t live in Canada, and cannot tell all the facts, so I don’t want to make a judgement on this. Seems like there are a lot of good points on both sides, and I would have trouble arguing against either one of them.
As for crazy seperationists, all political groups, especially ‘revolutionary’ ones, will have their fair share of madmen. Communism had Stalin, The Democratic Party has Zell Miller (Or is he republican now? Either way: Fucker.), etc. So, there will, of course, be insane seperationists. These probably do not respresent their movement, and shouldn’t be taken as doing so.

It’s no different than the various comments you people use to lump all Southerners into some sort of slack jawed Deliverance/Birth of a Nation hick.

Or to lump all Americans into being Southerners :stuck_out_tongue:

Or for the British to call us all Yanks! I ain’t no damn yankee! >:O

I did a project about this for lit, arguing that, wathing TV, movies, and the TV news, I would not know there were people in the world, I would believe it was made up of an army of stereotypes. This is starting to remind me of it to a disturbing extent.

Southerners generally break up words with single vowels into double vowels, or dipthongs, so that the pronunciation of words like yes and glad come close to sounding like FIRST I’M GONNA SCOOP UP THE FEMALES THEN I’M GONNA PICK UP AN OUNCE AND INHALE AND DROP MYSELF OFF IN RIVERDALE!

You’ll have to forgive Ori, like french-canadians, Western Canadians (specificly west-coasters) tend to be as fiercely proud of our selfs and ways, and dencounce the eastern parts of Canada, specifically the french parts (which we often see as the ‘bad guy’, getting all the attention and money from the goverment) and blame all our problems on them. He’s only doing what almost any western Canadian would. :stuck_out_tongue: I know I do it too. >.>

And frankly, I think that Canada wouldn’t be the same without Quebec. I enjoy it being here and don’t really want them to leave.


Shut up you slack jawed Deliverance/Birth of a Nation hick.

He is ready for you! He is wearing a “protection”

When Gilles Duceppe donned that unintentionally comical shower cap while campaigning in a cheese factory back in 1997, in what remains the best remembered moment of his political career, who would have predicted a lengthy career for him as leader of the Bloc Québécois?