Washed up wrestlers and colleges.

“–Warrior did a speech at the University of Connecticut last night which turned into a free-for-all. Norm Mogyhtaderi, a sociology and history major said Warrior’s beliefs were homophobic and racist. There was a major protest group and arguments back and forth, with Warrior screaming and stomping on the stage and saying he would answer all questions after his speech in a Q&AS format. Many people in the crowd were yelling and attacking him verbally as he spoke. Officers were called for back-up and the crowd was at one point told if they didn’t stop, the speech would end. Warrior’s actions were not supported in the end by the group that brought him, the College Republicans. “We are truly sorry that the Warrior did not measure up to our standards,” said Heath Fahle, of the College Republicans .When it was over, the group even sent out a press release apologizing for his speech. They wanted Warrior to engage in a respectful debate. Warrior lost the crowd when he said, “Queering don’t make the world work.” When an Iranian student asked him a question, Warrior said he needed to “get a towel.” As you can imagine, this caused another outburst. Other students then told Warrior he needed to apologize for the remark. Warrior showed a video where he ripped up an Iraqi flag. During the speech, Warrior admitted that he used steroids while in wrestling and called for other athletes to be as honest as he was on the subject. (thanks to Wes Jones)”

-Credit to Wrestlingobserver.com for this one.

And the school’s apology :


Ah yes, The Ultimate Warrior…

nervously shakes his head

That’s actually his career now. A Conservative Intellectual Speaker who can be booked for speaking engagements at your college or place of business.

And yes, that’s his real name now. He has legally changed his name to “Warrior.” No kidding.

Dude, who wouldn’t book an ex-wrestler?

I remember him on CNN or Fox News or SOMETHING a few years ago.

I’m surprised he didn’t start Gorilla Press Slamming the liberals in the crowd.

I thought he was dead for the longest time.

Anyway, protesting asshole speakers seems to be pretty normal at college

or as our english friends call it “at universtiy”

Have you ever been to his website? That’s a pretty damn good reason for people to NOT hire the former Jim Hellwig for any reason whatsoever.

Who the hell is “The Warrior”?

hahah I want him to speak at my school so I can throw milk bottles at his head. maybe he’ll dodge them and shoot lasers out of his ears.

Jim Hellwig aka “The Warrior” was the wrestler known as the Ultimate Warrior back in the day. However, since then, he has gotten his own website that is very say…completely fucking insane.

Hogan really should’ve gone over the Ultimate Warrior at WM6. That’s one of the few times I wish Hogan had properly used his pull with McMahon. :frowning:

Hulking Up and ripping shirt > Shaking the ropes
Big Boot > Warrior Press
Leg Drop of Doom > Warrior Splash


Agreed on all points.

EDIT: And wow, I thought he(Warrior) was dead, too. But his current job already makes him an enemy in my eyes. And by the looks of it, he seems proud of being a neo-con fascist. I’d pay money to throw stuff at him.

Warrior answered about that situation, here it is :

April 6, 2005

Santa Fe, NM – This release is in response to allegations made in an email from UConn student Russell Passig, as well as remarks made in two press releases by the UConn College Republicans regarding Warrior’s appearance at UConn on April 5, 2005.

First, Mr. Passig’s claim that Warrior’s address was tantamount to “university-funded hate speech” is absolutely ridiculous. While it is certainly true that Warrior’s positions are often controversial, the reality is that what people like Passig whiningly denounce as “racist and homophobic” is merely what reasonable adults would classify as nothing more than being politically incorrect. While Mr. Passig, Mr. Traugh, Mr. Moghtaderi, and any others who objected to the substance of what Warrior had to say would certainly have been within their rights to challenge Warrior during the Q&A period, the truth is that they lacked the class and common sense to do so. After repeatedly interrupting Warrior’s speech, these individuals chose to further instigate Warrior with baseless ad hominem attacks - thus eliciting highly-charged responses from Warrior. To top it all off, this World Class Crew of Crybabies is now attempting to have the UConn administration punish the CRs for words that Warrior spoke. Yet another timeless liberal/left-wing/anti-American tradition - when in doubt, blame the Republicans.

All of the above notwithstanding, it is somewhat sad to see how utterly spineless the UConn College Republicans have turned out to be. Not a single UConn CR voiced any objection to Warrior after the event. The detailed emails between Warrior and the UConn CRs reveal that the CRs repeatedly encouraged Warrior to single out the Tent City Trash for some re-education. Yet, it now seems that the CRs have collectively decided to bow down and beg forgiveness from various extremist, anti-American, left-wing groups who infest the UConn campus. Perhaps the UConn CRs should refrain from engaging in political activism until such time as they develop enough backbone to be able to withstand not being liked by their opponents.

It bears mentioning that Warrior demonstrated considerable restraint given the disrespectful and petulant behavior of a small minority of the students. These individuals unwittingly illustrated one of the most pernicious truths of modern liberalism: that while self-described liberals claim, ad nauseum, that they support freedom of speech, the truth is that they only support free speech as long as the content of that speech is acceptable to them. The moment that a single word is spoken that questions, challenges, or otherwise conflicts with their myopic, misguided views of the world, their enthusiasm for the First Amendment totally disappears.

In closing, Warrior emphatically rejects and dismisses any attempt to portray his appearance at UConn as anything other than it was – a straightforward, honest discussion of Warrior’s philosophical beliefs. That his words have been mischaracterized and that the speech was occasionally interrupted by a relative handful of students (who, for some reason, all seemed to smell like patchouli oil and burnt flag) does not detract from the fact that the overwhelming majority of those in attendance had a wonderful time and agreed with most of Warrior’s points – a fact that is corroborated by dozens upon dozens of emails that Warrior has thus far received from attendants. Warrior thanks all of his true fans and all of the true Conservatives who took time out from their studies to welcome him back to Connecticut, and hopes to see them all again very soon.

Always Believe,

credit: pwinsider.com

Fucking insane, I tell ya.