Was the 2004 presidential election stolen?

An interesting read in the Rolling Stones magazine. Take it with a grain of salt, at least I will as I don’t have the time ATM for sourcechecking and shit, but it’s still a good read.


of course it was stolen, the republicans are stealing evereything in this country

You can’t just assume, the world does not work on faith and beliefs alone, it takes proof too.

But this artlcle is also equally interesting, note the author.

It seems to work that way for a lot of Republicans.

Maybe, maybe not. What is certain is that it isn’t a good thing that the voting machines are made and delivered by a company which openly supports one of the candidates. There’s not a lot that can or at least there’s not a lot that will be done about it now: It’d hurt America as much as it’d hurt the Republicans.

When the 2000 election was stolen, we all just sat back and dealt with it. The 2004 election may or may not have been stolen, but it hardly matters two years later. Now we just have to hope for better results in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Exactly. With electronic voting machines, there is no way of knowing what is happening. People have demonstrated repeatedly how easy it is to hack into them and manipulate the results. There’s just no good reason to use them, given their unreliability.

The question then is what machines do we use? Obviously punch ballots don’t work given the whole chad fiasco. Electronic machines need a paper trail, but those can be falsified. What does that leave? Scantron? Making a better punch ballot? Circling names?

In Texas, the ballots show two ends of an arrow next to each candidate, and you connect those two ends to vote for him. I then assume that these ballots are fed into a Scantron style machine. Seems pretty reliable to me.

Why is the stronghold of Democracy unable to hold democratic elections? :confused:

The Patriots have stolen every election up until President Sea–
Oh, in the real world.

Well, if it was, not only would it for sure not be the first time (see: John F. Kennedy), and it would be a little too late to do very much; whoever would be put in office would be a half-term lameduck president most likely just as bad as Bush (Kerry would’ve been, if you ask me, or nearly so. Trade an oil-loving despot for an environmentalist despot, and you get virtually no difference). The important thing is looking to make sure this doesn’t happen again. How, I’m not certain.

So, what else then? Do you suggest that we hand count every ballot cast by every citizen?

I’m having a problem picturing this. Does your SoS website have a sample ballot you could link us to?

Well, other democratic countries do it, so it’s not impossible. But at the very least, the machines should print out a receipt after every vote that clearly states what the vote is. Although that’s really just another way of allowing a hand-count.

I don’t think it was stolen because the polls before the election showed Bush getting about as much percent of the vote as he got in the election. There were probably lots of errors, but the errors probably occured on both sides so they canceled out.

Maybe this is the Ohio scandal that the SA goon who worked in the White House talked about.

We do. For comparison, our last cencus clocket around 38 mil. What’s the estimated population in USA?

Just over 300 million, I believe.

If you mean Martin Random, he’s just a bullshitter.

Really? When did they find out?