Was Mew Laflagga sexually harassing the Archangel's Captain?

Okay guys, this title says it all, who here thinks that LaFlagga was sexually harassing the archangel’s captain (can’t remember her name) in the earlier part of the series, like she warned him he was doing.

I don’t think so, sure I think he has a thing for her, but just because he pats her on the shoulder, or bopps her on her nose (which by the way I think she enjoyed) doesn’t mean he was harassing her. Now, if he patted her on her butt, or bopped her (CENSORED!!!) then I think there would be a case for it. :get it?:

Come on, tell me what you think, im willing that a lot of you gals out there are going to give me an earful, while most of you guys are going to agree with me.

You know, telling people the series doesn’t hurt a discussion. And the font tag in your sig is broken by the way.


okay then, Mwu La Fllage, is he a pig or not. I still say not.

No it is Mu La Flaga, click here! www.gundamofficial.com/worlds/ce/characters/inde.html

Or rather type it in.

Sure, if you use the horribly mis-translated ‘official’ names.

Who cares, everything’s being butchered anyway.

And no, he’s no pig.