Was Goku the one...

Or did that whole show just suck major balls? And we fed so many hours of our teenage years into it before realizing how much it blew?

Before, or after he died for the third time?

Does anybody remember the legend of the Super Saiyan? You know, the ONE dude who was supposed to be stronger than everyone else but then everyone and their mother attained that title?

As far as I can tell, Goku became the One only after his training at King Kai’s.

For one thing, his training at King Kai’s under super gravity and with the fast monkey improved his skills to the point that he could save the Earth from Vegeta and Nappa. His friends stood no chance even against Nappa, much less Vegeta. What was more evident was that although Goku “died”, he had that adventure in which he fell off the bridge and into the underworld, where he escaped what “permanence” attributed to death. Barring the fact that he was probably more powerful than the guards of Hell itself, Goku even escaped the last bounds of mortality that the scripters deemed fit to place on him. The dragonballs, also, being a renewable commodity, were all-too-easy to use to eternally bring Goku and his friends back, as long as they had a month or two to spare. Although this was later addressed as posessing negative energy and the evil dragon in Dragonball GT, Goku was in fact achieving a state of potential immortality which only one destined to be the One could achieve. Also, the magistrate of the third colony would like you see you post-haste. I don’t know why all this commotion about alkaloid poisoning in African species of vegetables is raising such a fuss in the British media. This has to be the work of the Russians, and Sherlock Holmes will put a stop to it. By Gods, I’m hungry, and I could use a can of Coke to alleviate this proposterous situation. Nick nack paddy wack, give a dog a bone. And this is why, honourable members of the general assembly, I resign with a heavy heart, in which case you cannot but wonder at the tenacity of the public. And what Goku did was show that although at the whims of mortality, he would always escape it by some chance. It was apparent that he did not stand a chance against Vegeta in his gorilla form, yet he triumphed, even though he was up against what he supposed at the time must have been a <i>super saiyan</i>, something legendary in its own right.

I love you Cless.

Marry him then.

If you’re referring to the legendary Super Saiyan that is born once every 1,000 years then it’s most definitely not Goku. IT’s Brolli, villain in a few of the movies and obscenely more powerful than all the characters in the at the same time. Assuming you’re referring to the legend mentioned in the series.

Yeah, it’s Broli. I’m just talking about how the went “Goku is the Super Saiyan!” and then “Vegeta is a Super Saiyan too!” and then “Wait, no! they are fake Super Saiyan! The real one is a dude who’s got a grudge against Goku because he didn’t let him sleep when they were babies!” and then “Ah screw it! Just paint them all yellow-haired and let’s get some coffee”.

keeping this in mind, one should note that by around season 3 (??) everyone is more powerful than the guards of hell… So no one should be able to die. But that would involve a well thought out plot to be involved…

i use to like it, but i cant standd watching it now, all they do is talk then fight, talk then fight. ANd once they killed a villian a stronger one came, and it was just a constantwheel basically, i hate it now!!!

so its just like most successful anime? lol

No. It wasn’t Broli. Broli was in the movies and wasn’t canon to the series where Goku was originally intended to be the “Legendary Super Saiyan.” And Cless, are you talking about Oozaru Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga or Baby-Vegeta in the Baby saga? Cuz Goku got his ass handed to him in the Saiyan saga.

ya, basically. COme to think of it…nope, you are right.lol

I got over the show, basically, by the time I was 10. The original story arcs, up to Goku’s first death weren’t bad, really, but they weren’t really any good, either. Piccolo is the only character to ever have held any interest for me.
After them, things started going downhill, and by the end of the Freeza saga, I was done giving the show 'one more chance’s to improve, as they often do.

Once older-Trunks left, I ditched the show. I enjoyed the Android saga (the only one I’ve watched) before I clued in to the fact “heeeey nothing’s happening!”.

ya, trunks made DBZ the stuff, without him, DBZ isnt as good, the future trunks i mean, the present trunks sucks.

I like the last panel of that VG cats comic. :smiley:
zee rest of the comic

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Cless. I love your post more than you could imagine.

I hated DBZ after the Freiza saga, and before the Buu Saga. The Buu Saga was funny for some reason.