Warsong/Langrisser series

Hello, Fellow Board Members. i’m new to this site, so I’ve decided to start a thread related to my favorite Strategy/RPG series, Langrisser. I believe Langrisser is one of the most overlooked series to ever come out. Langrisser I (known in NA as Warsong and the only title in the series released in NA) was a great game that didn’t get the props that it deserves. It Features a Commander based combat system with intricate detail to statistics as well as detail to other aspects such as Terrain Bonuses/penalties, a complex level system which features multiple class options, and a well plotted storyline. i’ve only played the 16 bit titles in the series, but they are great games and if anyone here is interested in this particular genre of RPG, give it a whirl. I would appreciate any feedback related to this topic and i will probably provide other posts for this topic as well. also in this post i am putting together a list of Langrisser I characters because of the name changes in the NA version. i will start with the heroes who you control in the game(in order of appearance).the villains will come in the next post.

           Japanese Name                    /     Role     /                            NA Name
             1.Ledin                               /Main Hero/                             Garrett
             2.Volkov                        /Ledin's Bodyguard  /                  Baldarov
             3.Isaac                         / King, Ledin's father   /                 Alfador      
             4.Jessica                       /  Castle Wizard /                          Calais
             5.Teira                     /Jessica's Bodyguard, Ex-Pirate/        Tiberon
             6.Namu                     /        Castle Knight /                         Sabra
             7.Kris              /Healer, Ledin's Wife, Mother of Elwin(L2)/  Mina
             8.Hawkin              /Castle Duke under King Isaac /            Carleon
             9.Soun                 /    Knight under Duke Hawkin  /            Thorne
            10.Lance            /Ledin's Rival, Joins group in later Scene/  Lance
            11. Albert               /   Knight under Duke Hawkin /             Bayard

Well, that’s the hero introduction. as stated earlier, feedback is welcomed. Nuff Said.

Hey there. :smiley: I recently got into the Langrisser series myself. :smiley: I like what I’ve played of Der Langrisser (I got as far as I could go in every story path before the translations cut off), but i didn’t like Warsong. I did, however, find a translated version of Langrisser 1 on the PC. It’s pretty cool, but it really is kinda like Der Langrisser with Langrisser 1 maps :stuck_out_tongue: According to the translation, some of the names are a bit different though.

Teira = Taylor. If you check out the Romaji (Which is Teira), you’ll see it’s strikingly similar.

Namu = Narm. That’s…kinda up to interpretation I guess :stuck_out_tongue: Neither of them are really a name. :stuck_out_tongue: I like Narm though, heh.

Soun = Thorn. Same with Teira, the Romaji is pronounced like exactly the same. Thorn was like, the only name not changed, heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just basing those off the patch I played though. The other differences are just spelling (Hawking instead of Hawkin, Chris instead of Kris).

Sorry, ah I’m not meaning to nitpick, just making conversation :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not like there’s anything official. There’s a new Der Langrisser project in progress too, and the names are also slight changed (like, Erwin, Rohga, Liana). in any case, I think it’s cool to know someone else is into the series. I’ve just got into it and I’m mega interested now. :stuck_out_tongue:

The series is nice. Like most strategy RPGs.
I even used to be shrining Der Langrisser; all the way to the point where I realized how incredibly much work it was and that I really didn’t have the time. Not to mention the patience.