Warning To Ro Players

i usually dont buy healing items either, if i need to heal in the field i sit and go do something else while i wait or if im really desperate i ask an aco/priest POLITELY(dear god it has to be annoying to see HEAL PLZ 800 billion times whenever they come back from afk) to toss some sort of heal my way and that anything they’re willing to do would be appreciated greatly. So yeah, what good are healing items when you got hp rec and are willing to use it? Well aside from the badass monsters that you just HAVE to heal or get killed on, like any boss monster at this point for me.

Most aco’s are nice enough to offer it, when there aren’t alot of people around.

Which is why, for the gabilliont time. crowds are bad :stuck_out_tongue:


i know that much, if you heal one person you gotta heal 1000 in a crowd for them to shut up, but if you’re polite alot of times they will too. I only ask when i have less than 100 hp and am getting chased around cause GOD thats annoying when they spawn right as you click on the ground to walk there then you attack them and you die cause you wanted to sit (trails off incoherently)