Warning! Danger!

Yesterday I encountered the most disgusting thing I have even seen, heard of, imagined, or created. Upon seeing this, I came close to vomitting several times. What hidious occurance is this? What atrocity to nature so befouls me? This horrible thing is internet movie known as “2girls1cup”. Simly thinking about this returns the horror, but the world must be warned.

Don’t, I repeat: DON’T watch this if somebody asks you too. It is a ruse. Others had similiar reactions, as seenhereand here.

I don’t think I can stress this warning enough: Do. Not. Watch. It.

Edit: The links aren’t working, I’m finding new reactions to this horrible creation.
Edit: New links fixed, see as others become distgusted with this atrocity.

Dude, it’s the internet. You should know better than to click on things with ambiguous titles. Like this one. >_>

Sadly, as soon as someone else mentioend it, I had to go look. I was… surprised, to say the least.

You’re only a few weeks behind on this. If you were gullible enough to click on that link I can dig up a couple more for you if you want.

Also lol:

I wasn’t the one doing the clicking. Some friends and I were youtubing funny videos and someone mentioned it. The ones that had seen it made gruesome faces, but then urged those of us that hadn’t seen it to watch. Needless to say I’m less inclined to trust on matters such as this.

Some of my friends saw it, said it was the most discusting thing they ever saw in there whole lives, they felt like barfing afterwards.

This is really not so bad. I looked like Val did, expecting the worse. This is no harlequin baby.

I hate you TrkJac. I really do. I really could have done without seeing that. However, since you mentioned it and there are all these reactions, I just had to see it and now I’m sad. The whole thing leaves a bad taste in your mouth…literally.

I closed out of it as soon as the cup was in front of her anus. I could see what was coming, and I’m not going to watch the rest of it. Also, you’re about a month late, I think. That’s okay, though. Does anybody have Kermit’s reaction one? That’s pretty funny, as far as reactions to 2girlsonecup can possibly be (which isn’t very, by the way).

That was what I linked.

I’m surprised goatse and tubgirl didn’t effectively brand this kind of clickery in your head. Your fault.

Man, 2girls1cup reached dutch news status. Somebody showed it to me in class and I went like, man, WEAK.

I think the internet has desensitized me.

Oh. Well, that’s what I get for not clicking on any links in a 2girlsonecup thread.

…After reading this, I’m REALLY glad I resisted clicking the link the one time I saw it.

Seriously. Is this the new goatse?


but what did you do? you watched it.

then you created at thread telling people not to watch it.

and they watched it.

You know what that makes you?

A complete retard.

No seriously, buddy, I love you. Despite the perpetuation of atrocity that you subscribe to.

Meh, I’ve seen it, but after the horror that was Goatse nothing on the internet really bothers me anymore.

Any links to the source material will probably elicit an immediate ban. The proper term for people who like this , and there are some, is misophilia. Some people actually like this shit. No pun intended. Also , those videos are probably fakes.

True, but does it really matter?

Even if it’s fake, this does not make it any less wrong.

For example, the saw movies aren’t any less gory because they didn’t capture people and actually torture them like that.