Warning: Contains French Fries


Barbecuing causes cancer too! Before too long we’ll all be forced to eat nothing but boiled tofu because everthing else causes cancer. YUM YUM I LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY!

LIVING causes cancer. It’s just that some things cause it more frequently than others. And the stuff in fries isn’t news. It’s been known for many yeras now.

Yes, but which one? Perhaps the company that’s started offering “healthy” food in order to improve it’s image?

Anything from McDonalds causes cancer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, not really. That’s really messed up though. I_I

This idea has worked wonders with smoking.

Masturbation can help prolong a cancer free prostate. Have you jerked it today?


I’d reply on-topic but I’m wondering WTF Kiro’s avatar is doing eating a hamster.

Aaaand <b>how</b>!

They sure do.

I suprised there’s not a warning label on everything now’days for something or other.

You can hurt yourself by jabbing french fries into your eyeballs too. Do they need to put that on the package.

I once jammed an extra crispy triangular fry into my palate at burger king. It got stuck there, I had to physically pull it out with my fingers and it bled. God that hurt.

Up until the end of that sentence I was thinking you’d misspelled “plate.” Oww!

Maybe she is one of those aliens from V.

:moogle: keeping himself free of prostate cancer

It’s not being eaten, it’s just being held…by her mouth… It’s easier to see the picture when it’s bigger.

Yeah but my version’s more fun to say.

I heard this somewhere…

In California, all products containing lead must be clearly labeled as such. This includes bullets.

Thusly, packages of bullets bear the following warning: “This product contains lead and may be harmful to your health.”

I think people should all just become crazies living in the forest that way no one will die from cancer because they are healthier, and more importantly. Don’t live that long.


This is just idiotic. If we baby ourselves by putting warning labels on everything we’ll eventually become a population of agoraphobes living in a sterile bubble.