Wario Ware Touched

Just got this today from my local Game.

Best. Handheld game. Ever.

This thing is INSPIRED, and one of the reasons I think that the DS is more fun than the PSP, even if the PSP is better supported/whatever. Seriously this thing is too much fun, and some of the minigames are awesome (especially Retro Gamer’s sets).

agreed on all counts, especially the 9/18-volt games set which is fucking awesome beyond all belief :smiley: I always loved the original wario ware and you couldn’t have made a better sequel (well, I’ll have to see how the spinning wario ware fares when it comes out next month).

“Toy” games could be better though.

Honestly, I’m still a bigger fan of the original WarioWare. I’ve finally unlocked everything on Touched, though.

I love Ashley’s theme song.

Its good, but not as good as the first. And jeez, the DS has more room for a reason people! I wish it had more games. =(

I would kill for an MP3 of her theme.