Wario Ware: Mega Microgame$ (or whatever the hell it's called)

This game is really WEIRD. Essentially, it’s a bunch of short, 5 to 10 second minigames strung into several gauntlets. Descriptions don’t do it much justice, you kinda have to play it to understand. The character designs are also weird; one is some cute kid DJ that respects the old-skool nintendo stuff; there’s a cat and dog driving a taxi; a cyborg scientist that has to pee REAL bad; a girl riding a moped dispatching police cars with her pet monkey; etc.

It’s Fucked up.

Oh, and if you’re Old Skool, you’ll appreciate this game. There’s references to Dragon Warrior, Metroid, F-Zero, Virtual Mario, a lot of classics.

I’ve seen references to Earthbound, but not Dragon Warrior. Pro’lly cause Squenix owns DW, and Nintendo owns Earthbound. But then, I’ve only seen some preview shots.

Looks bad ass, btw.

Nope, there’s a definate slew (well, maybe not slew) of DW references. Go to 9-Volt’s stage. You’ll see.

No EB references that I saw, but the town that it’s based in looks EBish.


Yup, him too, come to think of it (complete with music)

I think he meant “Link” as in “give me linkage”

…of course…I knew that…

uhm, but what would I link to? Play the game, get the ROM, you’ll see.

Ah, I guess the ROMs out there. I’ve been waiting for the US release. I’ve been playing a lot of commercial games lately. SP made me want to play legit games more than ROMs.

I always knew you were a sellout. :frowning: