Yes, I know it’s not a videogame, but it fits better here than elsewhere, I think.

I was thinking about starting up playing Warhammer and was wondering if anybody here had any thoughts about it (worth it/not worth it/Go for 40K or some other such game instead/et ceteras), or recommendations on which army to play (I’m currently mostly trying to decide between Lizard Men and Tomb Kings), or anything else they’d like to say on the subject.

Remember me when you receive that inheritance you’ve been talking about Arac!

From what I remember: It costs money. It fills nicely hours by painting the miniatures. The miniatures are awesome. The High Elves for the kill! Deciding on an army should depend on your taste + it would be good if you could win a battle with it. Refer to your local store about it. The battles can also take a long time.

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White Dwarf (GW’s magazine) has nice pieces of fluff/stories which convey the atmosphere of the game successfully. I prefer the universe to the actual game. Old World or 40K? Fantasy or Sci Fi? GW was last(?) year the third most rapidly growing company in the UK.

edit: I remember Warhammer:Dark Omen for the pc was masochistic enough. Still not as much as Myth, legendary level.

It costs waaaay too much money to bother.

I haven’t played the table top game, but I LOVE the Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War PC games. I spent hours on Wikipedia reading about the 40k universe and was blown away. It’s one of the best fantasy universes ever created. The Imperium is the only fictional, galaxy-spanning, futuristic human empire that’s ever interested me, mainly because it’s merciless and xenophobic rather than gallant and utopian.

Oh, it also helps that there’s not an obvious “good guy” empire in Warhammer.

The settings are both fantastic, but it’s an expensive as all shit hobby. I’m just reading the books and stuff here until they release the next edition Chaos book for Warhammer Fantasy, after which I will start up an army dedicated to the changer of ways. Possibly because Chaos is cheap as shit.

Anyway, go for the army that interests you the most, rather than how it performs in battle. Do know that Tomb Kings stands and falls with it’s uniques though, as they literally power the rest of your army. If you go for Fantasy, I’d advise you to do the same as I’m doing and wait a few months for the next army book to come out. Only books of the new edition out so far are Empire and Greenskins.

If you’re going 40k, there’s a new Eldar codex out (or coming out soon, whatever). But really, 40k is just a choice of Witch Hunters or Tau, since they are by far the coolest armies ever created. A pity I don’t really like the 40k ruleset, or I’d be painting a squad of Adepta Sororitas right now.

Also, here’s the obligatory <a href=“http://www.warhammeronline.com”>Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning</a> plug.

My local hobby store gives my family a discount since my dad is really into building models and knows them all really well. Plus, not only do I lack any semblance of fiscal responsibility, money verily burns a hole into my pocket if it is there for too long.

Serik: That’s what I liked, too. Plus, when I went looking around to see if it was feasible to play as the two not-as-large races I liked, I found that there isn’t really a tier ranking of the civilizations, even, they’re actually sufficiently balanced as anything can be without removing racial unique abilities and such and making them all the same things with different models. Which would be lame.

Kaiser: Yeah, the GW website even told me that about the Tomb Kings. They’re slow and weak until they get one of those cool Lich Kings and Tomb Princes and et ceteras powering them up.
I somewhat like the flavour of Chaos, but sorta don’t.

EDIT: In 40K, I like the Necrons and the Eldar. The Necron regeneration also souns absolutely unfair, although I haven’t read enough of any form of rulebook to really know, it just seems broken beyond belief.

If you’re into the Eldar, like I said, there’s a new army book out, so there’s all kinds of cool new shit to play around with. I’d be all over the Eldar myself, if they weren’t basically Elves in space and fuck those fruity bastards. Nuns with flamethrowers and Space Communists for life.

Though it says something for Warhammer that it’s elves are actually somewhat cool, and certainly has the least fruity incarnation of all elves ever.

When it comes to 40K, I like the Necrons because they are cool, and maybe a little bit because that regeneration thing they have is, from my limited knowledge of the rules, really, really cheap. Space Commies, you say? Space Skeletons, I counter. Cosmic Zombies. Astrologic Undead. The Eldar I like because they aren’t complete cockwads, and have cool armour colours. Thereby defeating most of the chapters of Space Marines with cool armour colours. I’m really not a big fan of elves, though, which is a downside.

So, how frequently are they releasing the new edition rulebooks/codexes, and how often do they update rulesets/how complete are the changes? Am I going to have to spend a shitload of money on an army, then it is rendered obselete just as I have built it, and then I have to wait months for a new rulebook and purchase a whole new army? That doesn’t sound like any fun, but I doubt it’s that extreme.

It takes YEARS between editions, they just happened to release a new one a few months ago. Also your stuff never becomes useless, they just come out with different miniatures and you might have to purchase the latest rulebook and armybook, but your old miniatures are still perfectly able to get used under the new rules.

And the Ultramarines look like shit.

Okay, that’s cool. Shit, then I should play Lizardmen. I have a poorly-painted unit of Skinks from back when I was eight, maybe younger. They’ll need to be prepainted, but that’s some saved money.

Indeed they do. They were the first 40K species to be totally ruled out. Imperial Guard was next.

I think I have a complete lizardmen army, half painted, other half painted like crap. :S

But my advice is: when choosing Fantasy or 40K, make sure that you will have people to play against, whichever you choose.

Otherwise you will sit there with all those pretty little things that just cost you a lot of money and tame up a lot space… I speak from experience. <_<

I have a unit of skinks painted much, much worse than your army, I’m sure, from when I was really little. Glad to know they’ll be grandfathered in.

I wouldn’t know which is worse until I see them, but when I first started playing I wanted my army painted fast. So my sister and my mom helped me paint a few. <_<

So we both have skinks that don’t look good. Sucks that you can’t just paint over it without losing basically any details that the models have, and you can’t exactly get the paint off them either. Plastic models don’t like paint removal. :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s okay 'cause I don’t use them any more. New skink models ftw. :smiley: (Especially since the new lizardmen look much better. The saurus really needed a facelift.)

Had a Space Wolves army. Too expensive and boring. Quit.

Actually, I wouldn’t really call it an army. A few squads of shit, maybe.

Mmm. True Grit. Wouldn’t call a few squads of the Emperor’s finest total crap, though, those things rip through stuff pretty nice.

Had a 1,500 pointer Chaos Army in WHFB. If those muthas could walk through the fire they had to go through to actually get to the enemy, they’d TEAR ORIFICES. (6 Chaos Knights with general, 2 Units of Chaos Warriors with Sorcerer.)