Warhammer and similair things

Thought I’d create a thread on Warhammer and such.

I collect Warhammer (Dwarves) and Battle Games in Middle Earth.

With the Middle Earth I buy a fortnightly magazine, with it I get free models, last weeks had an Aragorn and my post office sold out. So I wanted to know, does the Aragorn model have a beard or must it be applied manually?

I would have thought that the beard would have been a part of the model. Eh what do I know…I’m just an ignorant newbie.

Yeah but the pics I’ve seen look like paint-ons I was wondering though, cos if it is a paint-on beard then I can add beards to regular units to make the army look a little more creative.

Warhammer!! XD

I don’t play the LotR game, so I don’t know anything about that.
But I play Warhammer (Lizardmen) and I just got the Lizards armybox. :smiley:

Actually, I just finished painting the first of my new Sauruses… Only… … … 31, and two characters left. ^^;;
And then of course 30 skinks (6 of 'em are chameleons) and another character.

Yay! Lizardmen rock, (my army) Gil Aragorns beard come’s on the model no glueing required.