Warcraft III

Anyone interested in playing Sunday night June 15 at 5:00 PM (GMT -05:00) Indiana (East)

Just ummm post and stuff, I just want to have a few good games going.

East is Azeroth, right? :wink:

What’s your Battle.net SN? Mine is Jaxell.

I might show up, if I remember, and am bored, and some other people come too.

Er, but don’t count on me showing up :wink:

5:00 Would be okay… but Indiana doesn’t have daylights savings time, does it? That would place it at 6:00, bad for me.

Yeah Indiana doesen’t have DST

Ummm, yeah I play on Azaroth, if it doesen’t work out though maybe if I see you in the chat we can just play then or something.

My name on Bnet is Skullex.