Warcraft III (Ladder, DotA)

So I’ve been playing tons of Wc3 lately. Anyone else still play? I’ve mostly been playing ladder games, but I take a break with a DotA every once in a while. I’d be down to do some 1v1s or if we could get enough people some 2s or 3s!

I’m applying to be able to play with TDA (People who organize and host the inter/national DotA tournaments) and probably going to end up joining their clan.

My computer is broken or something so I can’t play so I came here to talk about it. Cause I can’t play right now.

I suck badly at WC3 :(. I’ve been wanting to play it a bit while waiting for SC2 but yeah I’d be a pain.

I haven’t played the game proper in forever, but I still hop on the occasional custom map.

I just started for the first time a few days ago and am still going through the campaigns, but maybe some day.

I fucking love meat wagons. Catapulting your enemies’ own dead bodies back at them just REEKS of baddassity.

lol dota

DotA has probably the worst community of any game I’ve ever played.

DotA is pretty ridiculous now. I love how a custom map from an RTS has launched into it’s own gigantic series of professional play

Edit: You probably play exclusively public games. Once you get good at the game, you can apply to get safelisted with TDA. The guys are all pretty cool, and they are all ridiculously good at DotA.

I play on GGClient so I don’t really know the level of ridiculousness on B.net

I don’t even know what GGClient is!

It’s basically the underground version of b.net except DotA is responsible for like 80% of its traffic

Warden BAND
Eden no play.


EotA > DotA

I actually like DotA a lot more than EotA now. EotA is much more pve (building towers for units) oriented, I can’t win by running around with Infiltrator killing everyone on the map.

Edit: And Cless, why not just play B.net? It’s free. No CD-key?

Yeah, this client doesn’t require a CD key :stuck_out_tongue: I could play on b.net though I guess