Warcraft III - Frozen Throne Expansion

So they’re like three battlecruisers :stuck_out_tongue: At the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorta, only without the Yamato Cannon. And a LOT more durable. Basically they’re the ultimate in Meat Shields (only vegetarian?). Taunt allows them to direct all attacks to them; Hardened Skin increases their armour by an ungodly amount, and Resistant Skin causes them to take a lot less damage from Magic attacks. So it takes an insane amount of time to kill one of these things, and if your aim is to kill the shit around him, better make sure he doesn’t use Taunt.

Oh, and they only do Siege damage when they grab a nearby tree. That lasts for 15 shots. It also increases their attack.

In terms of story, I personally hope they actually FINISH it this time… not leave all of us in suspense like at the end of SC: Brood War.

They will probably have some kind of foreshadowing or buildup to WoWC, though.

I can’t imagine WoW will have much story development in it… It’d be hard to really pull that off well in an MMORPG. World development, history development, yes, but it probably won’t actually continue the overall story.

MMORPGs DON’T have stories.

Mountain Giants don’t do siege damage until you order them to rip a tree out of the ground and bash with it. They have 1500 HP, cost 350-400 gold and around 100ish lumber and have upgrades to make em magic resistant and to knock off 15 damage per hit on tier 3. They’re interesting.

Actually, Asheron’s Call one and 2 had a story, updated every month. Anarchy Online has something of a story as well, and from what I can gather, FFXI has a story to unravel as well.

I jus think stories in MMORPGS are just new developments.

EVE Online also has some story, the administrators throw in events every now an then to keep it interesting. Sales, employee strikes that make certain items unavailable for a little while, even police crackdowns against pirates.

You never saw Anarchy Online, did you, Sin?

Blizzard won’t want to have a constantly updated story, however, since, when they make Warcraft 4, they’ll want a clear point to pick the story up from.

Of course, they’ll have new sidequests or whatever updated all the time, but tha fits more into the catagory of world development.

There won’t be a Warcraft 4. Blizzard’s ending the WC series with World of Warcraft.

I stand corrected.

well sin… it’s true that MMORPGS or MMO don’t fixed stories. But they do have missions you can complete and events get thrown in now and then ^^

As for WoW, I might just go for that when it comes =) For now, i’m joining DS and the gang for EvE.

Originally posted by Kagon
There won’t be a Warcraft 4. Blizzard’s ending the WC series with World of Warcraft.

Has there been official word? Hah, what am I saying? Blizzard’s a fantastic company, but they’re still a company… and companies don’t just end their popular franchises.

Has Blizzard themselves actually, officially said this?

They might… But they can’t keep going with only warcraft and diablo. They’ll have to find other stuff eventually

Is World of Warcraft a RTS?

No, it’s an MMORPG. Think NWN, except online and with Warcraft.

I’m pretty sure I remember seeing it on Blizzard’s site.

Well… damn. The Warcraft series, as I stated earlier and I like repeating myself because I’m a moron, is my second-favorite vidoe game series ever… I hope that either Blizzard change it’s mind, was lying, or that YOU are… incorrect.


Eh, I hope so too, but when you look at it, there’s not much in the way left to be done with the world. The scourge will definitely be gone after FT, the orcs aren’t evil since they aren’t under control of the scourge, and the nations are rebuilding and (as far as I know) getting along. There’s no massive enemy left to threaten the world really.

So… the burning legion in its entirety will be defeated, since they’ve been the real enemy for the entire series, and the manuals in all the games speaks of them; the undead are gonna get obliterated how? Unless they Lich King is removed the undead just get stronger with every kill right? I mean I hav’nt seen any story for FT yet but the complete ruination of the undead seems like an almost impossible task, ignoring the fact that magic artifacts can come from nowhere in the world that warcraft takes place on.