War in Libya

Wassap wit dat? I stopped keeping up with American war efforts when I realized it would never end. So does anyone know WHY the U.S. is going to war with Libya?

Opportunism. A chance to get rid of Qaddafi.

In this case it’s the UN going to war with Libya. And Obama has gotten us involved. Without any sort of Congressional approval. At least Bush’s military actions were constitutionally authorized.

It was my intention for my tax dollars to be spent on air raids in North Africa. Libya was going to invade the US and take our freedoms away, because they hate freedom. You’re either with US, or you’re with the terrorists.

Waste of time and money. Let the Brits and French waste theirs instead on it. Canada as well should not be involved.

I thought the war powers act allowed Obama, or anyone, to do these kinds of things?

Hahahaha Labia.

The world has seen many occurrences like this in the past and whilst nothing positive has ever come out of the vast majority of interventions… I don’t think any country can simply stand by. I mean according to all the reports I’ve seen… this man (Qadafi) simply can’t be reasoned with. Sooner or later someone has to intervene and while there may not be a completely peaceful resolution… a better situation is always preferred.

It’s a lose/lose situation… that’s the way I see it!

So why didn’t we just send in a few spooks to assassinate him, then set up a [STRIKE]Manchurian[/STRIKE] US-friendly candidate?

Not all black people are murderers.

I support shooting my cruise missile into Labia. I also support spraying Labia with my rapid fire cannon. On top of that, I would even support invading Labia with my specialized infiltration cells. After we have reached the climax of battle and ejected our forces from Labia, I do not however support paying for the birth of the new Labia, or supporting it in any way monetarily through its infancy. Instead I saw we move on to invade our new target: Djibooty

The answer to that question lies in the ending to Avatar TLA! When Zuko asks Iroh to defeat the firelord… he replies “history will just see it at as more senseless violence, a brother killing another brother for more power!” I believe that same concept lies here; if America were do just run in and take out Qadafi themselves, it would have a significant negative impact on there image and would most likely cause more violence. Hence they are better off providing support to the rebels (if they want to be involved.)

Because assassins always go around wearing american flags and gloating about who they just assassinated.

No matter how much you try to hide something eventually… it will be found out! If that were to happen, think of the consequences. It’s not as easy as you think… they may not find out today, nor even tomorrow… but even if it’s 10 years down the track, there could be severe repercussions!

Because the middle east is just about over I think. That is why.

Really? It’s 1.559/liter here already…

It’s all a part of the master plan.


Yea, it’s not even funny.

Really? Seems like Tuesday in the Middle East to me.