War Craft III

What’s everyone favorite race? Currently, mine is the undead. Even though they have some massive flaws.

undead too probably, either them or the humans.

and what is your favorite hero by the way?
mine is Arthas (as an undead knight)

My favorite race was the Orcs before the FT Beta, but with it, I’ve grown to love the Night Elves. Their new units and heros are just plain nice.

Mine would probably be Illidan (Demon Hunter). But in actual melee games it would be The Keeper of the Grove.

I like the Night Elf, but they start off kinda weak in games. None of their heros can do lots of direct damage either until you get a Priestess of the moon to level 6. But then again, if you get bears and dryads fast, it’s a big owie :slight_smile:

Night Elves have cool creatures of the wild, but Humans are still the only ones with Paladins…

Maybe so, but the bears are so cute! :slight_smile:

Dryads are cute too, but I wish there were angels in the game…

Why’s that?

Because they kick some serious butt and some of them are even cuter than Dryads!

I see, well that’s probably why they weren’t added, because if they kicked too much butt, people would only use them. Then everyone would get bored. People would stop playing, and the game system would collapse! So, it’s all for the best that they’re not in the game.

Night Elf, Priestess of the Moon. Only Trushot Aura and Starfall (maybe Scout, but I don’t use it that much) are of any use, but they kick so much ass :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, probably night elves and the priestess. I use scout though.

The problem with POTM (Priestess of the moon) is that they don’t have that much HP, so you really have to dance her around the place to keep her alive. Trushot aura is good, scout is useful, burning arrow adds a lot of damage at higher levels, and then starfall can demolish and entire base, but can get countered. With the night elves, i prefer to make a demon hunter first, then a keeper of the grove for hero killing.

Or you can, you know, buy a lot of potions and keep her in the back line.

Well the first unit that most people try to kill is the hero. Unless they can’t reach her, then you’re all set. If you can keep her alive, she’s very strong. But that goes without saying for most of the other heros, provided you use them right.

Which is why I tend not to use melee heroes like the Paladin and the Demon Hunter :stuck_out_tongue:

Night Elves.
Archers are fun, no? :slight_smile:

More annoying then anything else, unless you have 20 of them, then they’re deadly. But they don’t have enough hp to survive long enough.

Which is why Huntresses are available so quickly. Part meat shield, part heavy attacker.