Wants to download Anime and television shows on computer

The last few times I’ve tried, I have been stymied by my efforts to download Anime, and television shows onto my computer. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-NV190, with Windows Media Player, and Intervideo WinDvD. Now I know that the latter shouldn’t play downloadable files, but how in the world do I get a downloadable video file to play anyway? For example, when I tried to download a Transformers Master force from Dragoneye.com, it downloaded as a torrent file, what exactly is this? And what do I need to use to play it? Thanks in advance.

A torrent file is not your anime. A torrent file is like a map, it shows the location of your file to the computer. But like a map, you need your computer to be able to understand the markings on it. You need a “BitTorrent” program to enable your computer to read the torrent file, and find your anime file.

I suggest you use BitLord, as it has the easiest GUI to use, but at the same time is very reliable.

You install bitlord, then double click on the torrent file. You should wait a few seconds for your computer to find the file in all the different locations. Then, your computer will begin to download the anime movie file. You will see the progress of the file in %.

When its at 100%, your anime movie is in “C:\Program Files\BitLord\Downloads”

So thats how you use torrents…what other toubles are you having? It doesn’t sound like you’ve suceeded in even getting the movies yet, so i guess you’re not having trouble playing them.

However, it may be wise to install the “defiler pak”, just to make sure your computer will be able to play the anime movie when you have it. You can get the ‘defiler pak’ <a href=“http://hellninjacommando.com/defilerpak/”>here</a>.

Also, when you play a movie, or any other media file, its usually better to use the simple media player, rather than the bloated Windows Media Player 8/9/whatever. You can get to this player by clicking “Start > Run > mplayer2 > click ok”. Then open your files with file > open.

Back on the subject of torrents, you can find them for ANYTHING you ever want (yes, even games and music, anything), at these two websites.


Don’t bother searching anything else, as these sites search every torrent site out there.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much, you have been a very big help!

I’m Stuck Behind a Hardware/Wi-fi router Firewall and I cannot do anything about it. Since the is only no other Wifi signal picked by my Pc. (The one I’m Logged on to isn’t on show, either.)

The BitTorrent.com progam tells me that I’d need to access Ports which I can’t do since I didn’t set up the Wifi router.


Access to your router should be at http://192.168.x.1 (some routers have different numbers where the x is)

I don’t know the password to change the settings, not the IP address (It’s in Favorates). I can not open blocked ports or change any settings.

My Q: Do I have to have those Ports open to receive Torrents or is there some software that doesn’t use the Blocked Ports?

Your firewall just blocks all incoming ports by defualt. When we say “blocked” we mean “blocked”. To an application, it just looks like the incoming net feed doesn’t have these ports availible. There will be no software that can get around that.

By the way, your account is-

Username: admin
Password: admin

Assuming you never changed the password. I’ve never seen any router use anything other than

Also, if you have changed the password on the router, and forgotten, you can always press the ‘reset’ button on the case. Look around for it, you’ll find it. You normally need to stick a pin in there to hit it. This will flash the memory of the unit, thus restoring the default pass.

You can find your password if ‘admin admin’ didn’t work by just googling “[router model number and company name] password”

Once you get in, just open the ports the torrent or P2P application uses. This should be in the help file. If not, google “[application] port forwarding”. Also, make sure that Windows Firewall is not blocking the program. As a rule of thumb, whenever that dialog comes up that says-

“to help protect your security, windows firewall has blocked additional features of this program”

Just say “Unblock All”. Windows Firewall is useless anyway.

Hope this helps. Sorry about spelling, i’m really psyched right now.

Some routers use, others use 0.1, I’ve seen them use everything up to 16.1

And sometimes the password maybe simply a blank, with the username still “admin”

Thats why i said if the account doesn’t work, just go online and find it…

<a href=“http://www.phenoelit.de/dpl/dpl.html”>here is a good database of accounts, if you can’t find yours through google</a>

<a href=“http://www.governmentsecurity.org/articles/DefaultLoginsandPasswordsforNetworkedDevices.php”>another</a>