Wanting New Games

Since I just started college, with a really good laptop. And ive got some money. So i want some sugesstions to some games i should hook in to. I dont want to spend more than like 100 a year in it (for like mmorpgs) but i wouldnt mind trying one of them. sides that, any other games i should look into, as ive been out of the computer game department for a long while. Thanks.

Civilization III- Can’t go wrong with Sid Meier. Or Civ.
Guild Wars- Though I need to upgrade my computer to play this, I tried it at a friend’s house and thought it was cool. Plus it’s free to play online.
Pirates - See first statement
Madden 06 - If you like football, give it a try. Plus you have the advantage over console Madden owners like myself to download rosters for the following season.

Half-Life 2? :smiley:

The “Heroes of Might and Magic” series.