hello★ im looking for a man who’s nickname is setzer. i met him Taize in france. if anyone knows him,please tell me anything. he likes FF series & MIYAZAKI animation(totoro) and he is interested in meaning of “神羅”. 神羅 is word from FF7.

What’s the bounty on him? Because like, I’ll totally hand him over to you and not collect it myself. Seriously.

Wow, our first Japanese forumgoer. Neat.

thank u for answering.sorry,there is no bounty.if u think of anyone,tell me infomation

It was a joke.

Anyway, what does “神羅” mean, anyway?

The only Setzer I can think of who goes here is Setz, who is currently banned, it would appear. You can see his profile here, although I doubt he’s the member you’re looking for.
There may be a member named Setzer who was here before my time, though, since I’m not exactly of the old guard of these message boards.

EDIT: And 神羅 translates to God something. I can’t read the second character, really, but I think it’s a name.

You forgot about Sonoko.

According to kanji dictionary,神 means god ,羅 means net hunting.this is Self centered understanding,Got’s nets hunt people and control world?
神羅 is company name but i dont know correct answer.i think most japanese havent thought this meaning.dont worry it.