{Wanted} Roleplayers for the Realm of Sparta

A community site that i am a part of (realm of sparta) has currently had a renovation. Deleting all the 0 post members also known as (wasted data) leaving us with 2 dozen members. With the two dozen remaining there is much talent but still a lack thereof new talent. The invitation to join is extended to all. Please join us. While you are checking out the site have a quick glance at one of our best stories entitled <strike>Gathering Storm</strike>RPGClassics pm me if you intend to join…or just pm me at the realm of sparta.

Click here to go to the RPGClassics Forum Rule page. I certainly didn’t.

Until then- Nrg Out.

How Total is this Nrg exactly, Total Nrg? I mean I wouldn’t want to be around some kind of strange selective non-inclusive Nrg.

Well my old Name used to be Nrg Jester…so i felt like something new…but this Nrg is very inclusive and not all that radical… Oddities are choosable :P… anyway check it out and see if you like it.

We call this spamming. It’s against the rules, put a link in your sig or something.