Wanted: glitch advice.

Okay, so dragonquester was nice enough to send me a copy of Lufia 2, provided I confirm that the saves on there are, indeed, containing of an airship, Egg ring, and Jewel Sonar, all beofre you even enter the Cave to Sundletan. And they do. So, now here’s the question: Do I use this awesome ability to go and beat the game in the absolute wrong order, and completely glossing over key plot events, or do I play it safe? When thigns like this happen, is it likely for the game to become permanently fuXXored, or just the save itself? I want to know, because I’m REALLY tempted to go fight the Sinistrals all with just Maxim.

Can’t you make another save and proceed with ‘testing’ and keep the original save?

All 4 slots are the same save, so yeah. But I’m somewhat unfamiliar with these types of glitches, so not sure if it might completely mess up the entire cart. That’s more of what I was asking.

It seems unlikely. If I had to guess, the worst you could do is corrupt the saves beyond repair. But don’t quote me on that. I could be wrong.

I doubt it can mess up the whole cart. Your current game is very likely to fuck up, but erasing all the saves usually fixes it.

It’s impossible to damage the cart in any way. It’s all Read Only Memory. The only bad thing that could happen is to the save data.

I don’t see how this is a huge deal, anyone could just as easily get items and vehicles long before you’re supposed to by using cheating devices. So what, it’s just a glitch, it’s nothing special if you can reproduce the same and/or more desirable effects by using a game genie.

if you erase 1,2,3 or all 4 saves it won’t hurt the cart- and i understand the purists point of view of playing the game with out “enhancements”-But i have been corrupted by my Pro action replay and can’t resist trying to find codes like for the airship at the beginning of the game and having the jewell sonar and egg ring in the item inventory- none of this should change the plot of the game- i also have a save for Dragon Quest 5 with the Heavenly Bell in the main characters item inventory in the city of alcapa at the beginning of the game- that item lets you call the dragon and fly anywhere- i just like being able to start the game with that.
Being a code junkie did have it’s disadvantages though- back in the days when i went to the Die Hard video game store i would buy the Super Famicom RPG’s just like the other gamers and while they were playing the game and finishing it i would spend days trying to find codes to generate all the items in the game and other things like generating an airship early in the game before i even started to play it.
Then when i finally started to play the game i would go into the store to want to talk about the game and everybody else had finished it and moved on to something else-that’s what they called me- code junkie-but i won’t use that name now because some cyber cop might be searching for “junkies” to mean drug users.

Whatever rocks your boat but… you really can enjoy a game like that? I usually get the games, play them to 100% and THEN start to fuck around with codes and bugs.

Yes, most people just play the game first and because i worked on the codes first the gamers at Die Hard video game store called me the code junkie.Now that you know Valkyre Esker actually got the game i sent him- i was happy to send him the game because i had an extra cart and he said he really wanted it-Well, i happen to have an extra SNES cart of Breath of Fire i would be happy to send to any gamer who doesn’t have it and really likes the game and is tired of playing it on an emulator- as a bonus all 3 saves on the game have these items in the item inventory at the beginning of the game- Dragons Warp ( by manulating the 4 digit # that shows up when you choose to use this item with the controller you can warp anywhere)/EmporSD,LifeAR,PowerRP,StarHR,GlowCN,Sleeper,MystCW,DarkDR,HeroBW-that is a great way to start the game with all these powerful weapons- now i know you purists can erase these saves if you want and play the game straight but a code junkie like me just can’t resist the temptation to start the game with the powerful weapons and blow monsters away to level up-

If you’re going to get all those to start BoF with you might as well just get the ROM and blow through at Frameskip 9 and a built-in PAR. It’s not like you’re missing out on an experience or anything.

I just say that cause that’s what I do do to mess around like that; much easier than buying a second copy of a game.

I don’t like ROMS- i like the actual carts themselves and as i mentioned the gamer who i am sending the game to can erase my saves if he wants- i realize there aren’t too many code junkies like me out there and the majority of gamers don’t use codes- and i know people using computers on ROMs can do a lot more sophiciated stuff that i did back then- but back then it was just the good old Pro Action replay attached to a game cart-
They called me code junkie but back then there was a gamer who frequented the Die Hard Video game store we all called pransker-i thought it was really funny what he did once- he loved elaborate pranks using video games-
there used to be a store called Captron- world of Nintendo in malls- they used to have a TV with a VCR in some of the stores that played Nintendo promotional videos- well pransker got a Legend of the Mystical Ninja and copied it to disc then using a hexidecimal code editor actually got the game dialog displayed and found he could change it-
So he changed the dialog to include a lot of swearing and other gross stuff then made a video tape of him playing this dirty version.Guess what- he went into Captron and when no one was looking and store manager was on a break he switched the tapes- in about 10 minutes there was a crowd in front of the store window shocked at the language on the video tape- when the manager got back he had a bunch of angry people complaining about the shocking language on this video game called Legend of the Mystical Ninja- Pransker and me and few of our gaming friends were standing there laughing like heck at this-
And that is how Brian got the name “prankster”-Brian, where are you now old friend? - i miss your video game humor so much!

I also have an extra cart of FF3 with a save with the Moogler Charm equiped on Edgar’s relics just outside Figaro Castle at the beginning of the game.If anyone is tired of playing this game on an emulator and would rather play it from a cart - e-mail jazzgirl1920s@aol.com—usually only the mog can equip this item and you don’t get it until way later in the game and if you want the save for use on a SNES9X emulator i can send you that too.