want yalls opinion

whatcha think?

opinions and critiques as well as song suggestions are all welcomed!

Why is that?

cuz thats me…

You said ‘yall’.

My opinion is made.


People from Oklahoma say “ya’ll?”

Wow. Culture Shock.

Move a bit further away from the mic

Also you’ve never had musical training have you

The good thing about Youtube is that, no matter how badly you perform, there will ALWAYS be somebody who does it worse.

yes I said yall…is that bad?

no ive not had any profesional training just some vocal in school…

im trying to get a windgaurd for the mic

and I can’t tell if that youtube comment is good or bad…D:

It was only a joke, don’t worry. :wink:

Hmmm . . .
For your first try, that was pretty good. Some parts, mainly the parts right after you took a breath sounded pretty good. The main problem I think was that it sounded like you ran out of breath or something at some parts and were too quiet. I think if you praticed a bit and tried again you could do a lot better. Maybe try to take bigger breaths and be louder and more enthusatic. Honestly though, I think you did better than I would.

I better warn you–I’m no singer so don’t take my advice too seriously.

I rate it pretty good for a first try, but you would need to pratice it a lot more before someone would let you play Aladdin.

well I graciously take the advice

however I will say it was just bsically ok practice the song 5 minutes…try it out…

and also its not my range really nor was I doing it for anything other than fun…isf I was bein serious you woulda seen alot more practice trust me on that ^^

thanks all ^^