Want longhorn? Be ready to do some serious upgrading...

2 gig ram? Terabyte of disk space? Holy shit…looks like this isnt going to be for just anyone, only those who can fucking afford it…

Of course, from those 2 gigs of ram, 1 gig will ALWAYS BE USED.

By the time Lonhorn comes out (I’d say late 2006/2007), that might be more in reach than it is today.

They still won’t be “average”. Even Windows XP doesn’t take up more than a few Gigabytes. Saying Longhorn will take up HUNDREDS of times more space is ridiculous.

If you’ll read some of the comments you’ll notice that there’s no proof or references to back up this claim, so it’s quite possible that it’s all a fairly silly joke.

If I had a choice between Win98SE and any newer windows (or any other OS for that matter) I’d stick with 98.

Not very likely.
Else no one would have been able to test out the Alpha: Which is pretty functional and already contains most of the features the final release will contain. It’s just very unstable.

I’ll stick to Win2k or 2k3, depending if I ever get around to upgrade again or get some sort of actual reason to do it.

If every thing dose go to that, I’ll just switch to linux…Preferably this distro: www.gentoo.org

I think that Windows 2000 is the best of the lot so far.

No, Windows ME is!

Windows XP!

If I see those Windows Girls posts one more time I’m going to kill something.

Terra??? I thought she had Green hair! Not a Mega High number.

Big Nutter
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I’ll join you.

And i dont think its fake. I saw the quote somewhere other than slashdot, however i dont remember where >_>, so i cant provide a direct link.

Longhorn is going to be a huge piece of shit anyway, maybe even worse than ME or XPHome! :0:0:0

If I’m not mistaken, Longhorn is going to be the next generation of Windows server products. Why would anyone care what the specs are? I doubt any person here has any reason to be running it.

That brings me to a question I’ve been itching to ask. I know a few of our members have Win 2k3 installed. Anyone care to explain why? It seems rather superfluous to me.

Hold back the rage TD…violence is never the answer. Well…maybe sometimes…

I followed the link to Microsoft Watch. I don’t know if I should take them seriously, but they say there’ll be a show about Longhorn next week. We just have to wait a few days to see if those specs are true.

Anyway, a few friends of mine tried that Alpha. Most of them have really expensive machines with the highest specs and they say Longhorn Alpha is goddam crashy.

Of cource it’d be crashy, it’s freaking alpha.

BTW, I found this link to news.com in microsoft’s site:


It was my understanding that longhorn is the codename for the next windows home distribution.


The company has billed Longhorn as the biggest advance for Windows since Windows 95.

Didn’t they say that about XP?

I think they say it about each of their new products =P