Wanna read a poem?

I guess you can call it that. I wrote it months ago, but I figured I’d post it for hell of it.

<center><b><u>THE END</u></b></center>

“Allow me to sleep in the darkness. Awaken me after the darkness has spread through my heart. Then I will demolish you. Take your life to let the evil inside to grow stronger. While the light gets dimmer. Don’t try to resist the darkness that grows. Let it out and use it as you wish. Try to fight it as you wish…you can’t stop it. It will continue to grow. Try to run away and the darkness will devour you. There will be nothing left, your evil inside will take over. Then you, are gone. The light goes out…”

Yeah, I know its screwed up, but keep in mind I wrote this back in October.

I think that The End should go at the end (:P), the lines should be made so that they are lines and not sentences, and the thread put in the media forum.


Oops. Sorry. And no, The End it the title :stuck_out_tongue:

I could make it into lines, but that’s no fun. Anyway, yeah. If I can get a mod to move it.

avec plaisir monsieur.

When we had a poetry seminar in my creative writing course the poet talking (can’t remember her name right now, I can look it up) said that a poem is what YOU think is a poem, it doesn’t HAVE to be the traditional style. So it’s an innovative take on it, Cro :slight_smile:
Interesting text as well.

Heh. I agree on what your classmate said. Um…what the hell did Merl say? I can’t read any language other than english and very little jap :stuck_out_tongue:

Neat poem. Very different than the kind which I write, but neat.

Hmm… how should I say this? …

… very…

interesting. Very good.

Heh. Geez, is it THAT bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on guys, give him a break. :stuck_out_tongue: If that was a first time poem, it’s pretty interesting, Cro.

I didn’t sa wit was bad. I just said it was interesting and I mean that it caught my eye. very well.

Heh. I’ll gladly take that as a compliment :stuck_out_tongue: